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These 15 Comics About "Self-Help Hacks" Are Way Too Relatable

Does your weighted blanket truly spark joy?

1. "Try a weighted blanket."

a person who bought a fake weighted blanket is tricked again into buying a fake weighted pillow

2. "Embrace your selfie."

an anxious turtle attempts to take a selfie but later it's revealed he's been trying to get a good selfie for four hours

3. "Reduce your screen time."

a cartoon turtle takes a break from their social media apps but later texts an anthropomorphized Instagram app that they're sorry and want to hang out again

4. "Keep in touch with friends."

a cartoon turtle attempting to reach out to check on a friend is nervous so types the text blindly and ends up sending their friend a variety of nonsense typos

5. "Try minimalism."

a dog cartoon who's trying out a minimalist lifestyle can't have a proper conversation with their friend because their voices keep echoing off the bare walls of the apartment

6. "Cut back on caffeine."

A cartoon turtle seems to succeed in cutting down on caffeine but then falls asleep in their breakfast cereal bowl

7. "Use a gratitude journal."

Bad vibes and Bad thoughts anthropomorphized as monstrous creatures find themselves intimidated by their creator's gratitude journal

8. "Pamper yourself."

a cartoon turtle uses wax to make their shell nice and shiny, but they get judged for it by an older turtle who thinks real turtles don't do that sort of thing

9. "Express yourself!"

a cartoon turtle decides to express themselves through their clothes and puts on a very loud, flashy outfit without wasting any time

10. "Get a good night's sleep."

A cartoon turtle waking up tired and then angrily asking their bed for a refund

11. "Go for a hike."

a cartoon turtle having a break down during a hiking trip because they have to stand up on a log and their friend, a cat, informs them that it'll only get worse

12. "Meditate."

a cartoon turtle struggling to keep their thoughts quiet whilst meditating, afraid they didn't turn on their alarm

13. "Use a to-do list!"

a cartoon turtle's own To-Do list but anthropomorphized into a large note-like creature forcing the turtle to be productive

14. "Lower your stress level"

a cartoon turtle seems to be goading their pet out of a tree. when someone inquires if the pet is stuck, the turtle says kind of and it's revealed they're actually just trying to lower their stress levels from tree level

15. And lastly, "Just relax!"

the cartoon turtle trying to relax but their intrusive thoughts make them feel bad for resting

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