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Which Grandma Are You?

Are you giggly and giddy like Justine or humble and happy like Lolly?

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  1. Your cashier tells you to sign the screen....what do you do?

    Ask if you can pay by check
    Sign the screen with a pen
  2. What's your favorite holiday?

    Any holiday that involves feeding hungry family members
  3. What's your favorite sports team?

    Detroit Lions
    Does my family count as a team?
  4. Cookies or Cake?

  5. Where did you go to high school?

    Ukranian School
    St. Martin's
    Hamtrack High School
  6. What's your favorite food?

    Anything with sugar
    Anything Polish
  7. How old are you?

    "Let's see...I was born in 1939 so...."
    "I always get this question wrong..."
  8. Do you have any pets?

    I own every black lab in the country
    No...because I'd never leave the house if they looked at me with those sad eyes
  9. What car do you drive?

    I'm a Jeep gal!
    Ford Fusion...I like my cars like I like my country...American
  10. What's your dream job?

    Any job where I'm allowed to play Christmas music year round!
    Chemical plant worker
    Pizza place!
    Anything with children!

Which Grandma Are You?

You got: Justine

You're just like Justine! You were born and raised in Hamtramck but might as well be straight outta Poland. You might be accident-prone but you get right back up. And you throw quite the Christmas party!

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You got: Lolly

You're just like Lolly! You're wise beyond your years even though you may not act like it. You're always looking for a laugh and will do anything to help those around you. Don't cough around someone like Lolly or she'll wrap you in blankets and force you to rest!

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