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If Labour Leadership Candidates Were Members Of The Avengers

Save the economy. Save the NHS. SAVE THE WORLD.

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Andy Burnham is THOR

Guardian / Huffington Post

He hails from a proud, ancient and distant land (Liverpool). He has made it his mission to save the world from a destructive threat. He is convinced of his rightful place as leader. Andy Burnham basically IS the Prince of Asgard.

Trustram Hunt is LOKI

Telegraph / Pinterest

He's posh, scheming and wherever he goes he seems to rub people up the wrong way. Let's be honest, it doesn't take much to imagine Tristram Hunt as Loki does it?

Liz Kendall is WAR MACHINE

Daily Mail / IGN

Liz Kendall probably stands for lots of very interesting and sensible things, but frankly I can't remember any of them because I'm too busy getting my head round the fact she's married to GREG BLOODY DAVIES OFF THE INBETWEENERS. As such, she's perfect as the Avenger who's forever being overshadowed by his partner-in-crime: War Machine.

Dan Jarvis is HAWKEYE

Telegraph /

An ex-soldier, Dan Jarvis was an instant front-runner for the position of Labour Party leader before announcing he wouldn't want to take the job because it wouldn't be fair on his children. Just like Hawkeye left The Avengers because it wasn't fair on his children OMG GUYS THEY ARE ACTUALLY THE SAME THIS IS SILLY.

Ed Balls is THE HULK

Telegraph / Huffington Post

He was a bright man with a promising career, until one night disaster struck, changing his life forever. Now he wonders alone in the wilderness, rejected by society, trying desperately to avoid causing collateral damage that could hurt the people he cares about most.

Nope, no similarities there.

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