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    School is back in. The kids are busy with after-school activities. And you finally have some time for yourself. I can recommend a great book…or twenty-two books, to be more precise. This collection of romance books is available in ONE SET for a very limited time. After the set is gone, each book will be available for individual purchase. With over half a million words in the collection, you’re sure to find those cold fall nights heating up fast!


    Cover by Designs by Dana, Photography by Lindee Robinson Photography / Via

    What happens when you lock twenty-two authors in a vault and don’t let them come out until they’ve finished their books?

    You get one sinfully sexy collection.










    See what awaits you inside The Vault.


    A.D. Justice Warning

    A.M. Hargrove For The Love of My Sexy Geek

    Aleatha Romig Unconventional

    C.A. Harms Raw

    Gina Whitney Stilettos and Broken Bottles

    Hilary Storm Ridin’ Dirty

    Katherine Rhodes Innuendo

    Kate Benson Redemption

    Kathy Coopmans Parole

    Katie Ashley The Plan

    Liv Morris Sweet Seconds

    M.C. Cerny Declan's Demand

    M. Stratton In His Arms

    Michelle Dare Uncuffed

    MJ Fields Terzetto

    Nina Levine Risk

    S. Moose Author Adjusting the Deal

    S.D. Hildreth Mister Prick

    T.K. Leigh Inferno

    Terri E. Laine Honey

    Tia Louise Sundown

    Toni Aleo Not The One





    📚The Vault Goodreads:



    Cover by Designs by Dana / Via

    NOT THE ONE, Toni Aleo, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author

    Genevieve Stone got her first taste of passion as a teenager on a road trip to Kentucky with the bastard bad boy of the country club. Everyone agreed he was not the one for a girl from her station in life.

    Ten years later, she's a successful romance novelist and is engaged to be married to the appropriate sort of man. But something is holding her back from finishing her latest book and from joyfully walking down the aisle. On impulse, she takes off for Spring Grove, the site of her youthful indiscretion and the location of most of her happiest times.

    What she thought was just a short walk down memory lane quickly becomes much more as Gen reconnects with friends from her youth and is welcomed back into the quirky arms of small-town “Kentucky. And it isn't long before she starts to realize that the man who was supposedly so wrong is really oh-so-right.



    Cover by Designs by Dana Photography by Sara Eirew / Via

    THE PLAN, Katie Ashley, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author

    For Jenny O’Malley, the plan was supposed to be easy. Become the surrogate for her friends, Connor and Jeff, deliver their healthy baby, and earn some money towards her student loans. But as the saying goes, the best-laid plans often go awry. Especially when you’re looking at the prospect of not getting laid for a long, long time.

    With T-Minus two weeks to insemination, Jenny decides to take her friend, Casey’s, suggestion to have one wild fling before she’s saddled with heartburn and stretchmarks. When a tall, dark and handsome man swaggers into the bar where she works in skin-tight jeans, cowboy boots, and a Stetson, Jenny knows he is the one. After a scorching night of banging boots until dawn, Jenny is a little sad to see her Cowboy in Shining Armor leave.

    When he reenters her life a few weeks later, she never could have imagined a positive sign could be such a negative.



    Cover by Designs by Dana / Via

    REDEMPTION, Kate Benson


    After a humiliating breakup, I’m not afraid to admit my personal life has taken one hell of a hit. I’ve allowed myself time to lick my wounds and am not only confident my nights alone on the couch are numbered, I’ve got a solid plan for the first time in months.

    Focus on work, don’t worry about the rest.

    The last thing I need in my life right now is another complication.

    I’ve convinced myself it’s a flawless plan.

    I just have to stay off Adam Avery’s radar and I’ll be fine.

    Now that I’ve met him, I’m not sure I want to be anywhere else.



    I’ve been my father’s best kept dirty secret for more than three decades.

    When my uncle, the CEO of Avery Finance, is forced into early retirement, he appoints me as his unlikely successor and the media goes into a frenzy.

    For an admitted recluse, it’s definitely a challenge, but I’ve never shied away from those before.

    I just need to stay focused, in control and avoid distraction.

    Unfortunately, Isabella Baxter might be the one distraction I can’t resist.

    Redemption is a multi-pov spin-off from The Promise Series.



    Cover by Designs by Dana / Via

    DECLAN’S DEMAND, M. C. Cerny

    One impulsive decision and she was mine.

    I was never letting her go.




    Cover by Designs by Dana / Via

    PAROLE, Kathy Coopmans, USA Today Bestselling Author

    You know him as the evil twin, Trent Calloway. The man who stole his brother’s life.

    Pretended to be someone he was not.

    Recently released on parole, he put a plan together.

    His street-smart ways told him it was all going to work out fine.

    The woman, the house, the life. Everything he always wanted.

    Until the day the unforgivable things he’d done caught up with him.

    A beaten down woman.



    Trent Calloway, the man you all loved to hate from The Contrite Duet, is here with his own twisted love story.

    It’s not a pretty one to tell.

    He’s going to tumble slowly to hell over the things he has done.



    Cover by Designs by Dana Photography by Darren Birks / Via

    UNCUFFED, Michelle Dare

    What started out as a necessity, soon turned into an addiction. Hope craved the high stealing gave her. She “put her childhood dreams aside and embraced her life as a thief. Target after target, she took their money before moving on to the next unsuspecting victim. Then she met a man in a bar who flipped her world upside down.

    The blood in Rowe’s family ran blue. Following in his father’s footsteps, he became a detective, vowing to protect and serve his community. By day, Rowe went after criminals and by night his only pursuit was women. He had no time for dating; his only commitment was to his job. But Hope stole something of his that was worth more than money.

    The last person a detective should desire was a career criminal. Although, something about her made Rowe need to keep Hope uncuffed. All she wanted was to protect a good man from going down with her when the inevitable happened. Following their hearts led them down a dangerous road, especially since they lived on opposite sides of the law.



    Cover by Designs by Dana / Via

    TERZETTO, MJ Fields, USA Today Bestselling Author

    The temptation of a siren. Men and women alike fixate on her.

    Some try to mimic her, some want to be like her, some would give anything to be part of her circle.

    At fourteen she changed my life and didn’t know it.

    She never would.

    At seventeen, I became the man I wanted to be because of her.

    She would never know that either.

    At twenty-five, she wasn’t given a choice but to see the man I was.

    She came on to me.

    At twenty-eight, I was ready to be free of her.

    She wouldn’t allow it.

    I am Franco Protettore, bodyguard and protector of an Italian socialite.

    Five foot six, one hundred and thirty pounds, a full c cup, an ass far from slight, and an aura of sex surrounding her, she is on everyone’s radar.

    She makes my job…hard.



    Cover by Designs by Dana / Via

    FOR THE LOVE OF MY SEXY GEEK, A. M. Hargrove, USA Today Bestselling Author

    From the first time we met, I was instantly hooked.

    His dark-framed glasses and tech talk heightened his allure.

    I fell fast and hard, harder than I ever had before.

    Only I should’ve known it was too good to be true.

    Evaded questions were always answered with sex.

    Hot and steamy sex.

    Melt your panties sex.

    That should’ve been my clue.

    It wasn’t.

    Until …

    Until that one night I followed him.

    I never could’ve imagined where my sexy geek would lead me.

    For The Love of My Sexy Geek is a spin-off of For The Love of English



    Cover by Designs by Dana / Via

    RAW, C. A. Harms

    Overwhelming desire, a powerful need to lose control.

    Those are the things Alec makes me feel.

    It’s dangerous, I know, but my body craves the sin. Though I try to fight it, the force is just too strong.

    I’m torn, left feeling raw and confused.

    He inflicts such an extreme rush of emotions within me.”

    “I’m paralyzed by the pleasure, and desperate for the next dose.

    I feel so unlike the innocent girl I once was.

    I love the freedom, but I also fear it.



    Cover by Designs by Dana / Via

    MISTER PRICK, Scott Hildreth

    Jess Martin has two weaknesses. Handsome men, and martinis. She tries to never mix the two.

    All she wants to do is sell a new BMW so she can pay her rent. Her buyer is Vince Devoe, a jobless, but very enigmatic man who pays for his $100,000 cars with cash.

    When they go on a 150 mile an hour test drive, she learns first-hand how Vince earns his wealth.

    His means of earning income may not be legal, she’s convinced his handsome looks make up for his deficiencies.

    On their way back to the dealership, Vince stops for a drink.

    A martini.



    Cover by Designs by Dana / Via

    WARNING, A. D. Justice, USA Today Bestselling Author

    Jillian Hart didn’t belong in our world. She was an innocent, blinded to our ways and seduced by the charm of the mafia. I was a capo in the Marchetti Family, groomed to take control one day, and my father was the Boss, the Don. Damon Marchetti was a well-known name in the mafioso.

    We never would’ve crossed paths if not for a fender bender with the wrong truck on the expressway. After escorting her to the emergency room as a precaution, I discovered she had business ties to a rival family. Simply being seen with me put her in jeopardy, so I kept her close for her own safety.

    But one thing led to another, and she became more than my charge. I gave her one warning about my life. One chance to decide to stay or leave. She chose to stay.

    Until all hell broke loose.

    Then I pushed too hard, and my ever-present alter ego took control.

    If she thought I gave up easily when the chips were down, she had another warning coming.



    Cover by Designs by Dana / Via

    HONEY, Terrie E. Laine, USA Today Bestselling Author

    When Honey Hunter goes on a job interview to be an in-house nurse for an elderly man with mild dementia, she’d hoped his son wouldn’t be the only one-night stand she can never forget. Only he is. If she accepts the job, she has to remember he’s her boss, not the man that turned her fantasies into reality.

    Jake gets more than he’s bargained for when his father insists he hires Honey, the one woman he can’t get off his mind. As she works her way into the hearts of his family, he has more to consider than just his need for her. His heart—which has only completely belonged to one person—his daughter, is quickly getting tangled up in Honey. If he’s not careful, the line between employee and employer will completely blur.



    Cover by Designs by Dana / Via

    INFERNO, T.K. Leigh, USA Today Bestselling Author

    I never believed in fate.

    That was something for the dreamers, the romantics, not someone as practical and pragmatic as I.

    Fate had nothing to do with me walking in on my soon-to-be husband in a compromising position with his secretary.

    Fate had nothing to do with me hopping on a plane to Rome, effectively standing up my former fiancé on our wedding day.

    And fate certainly had nothing to do with the handsome stranger sitting across the aisle from me, one who would open my mind and heart to things I never thought possible.

    Because if fate is real, if fate is pulling the strings, if fate is in charge of each person’s destiny, she’s cruel and unforgiving.

    Why would fate want me to experience a connection as I never had in my life, only to remind me it’s fleeting?

    Why would fate give me everything I never knew I always wanted?

    Why would fate let me have a taste, then crush those dreams?

    He could never be mine.

    I could never be his.

    And his deception may just be my breaking point.



    Cover by Designs by Dana / Via

    RISK, Nina Levine, USA Today Bestselling Author

    I’m comfortable with risk.

    I deal with it every day of my life.

    Hell, I fucking live for the adrenaline rush it gives me.

    The challenge.

    The gamble.

    The conquest.

    When Charlize Cohen walks into my life, she proves to be the biggest risk I’ll ever take.

    I throw all my strategies out the window.

    I ignore all the alarm bells going off.

    I lose my damn mind.

    I’m free-falling.

    She’s the biggest adrenaline rush of my life, but she might also be the rush that crashes my life to the ground.



    Cover by Designs by Dana / Via

    SUNDOWN, Tia Louise, USA Today Bestselling Author

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.


    Strangers on a train, names on a list.

    It was a simple job.

    In and out, instant karma.


    Then he appeared and derailed everything.


    He’s the boy I haven’t seen in five years.

    He’s the boy who wanted to be my hero, who I thought died fighting my demons.


    Only he didn’t die.

    He survived, and now he’s a man.

    Worse, he’s a cop.


    He’s gorgeous and sexy and the best sex I’ve ever had.

    He’s my dream come true…

    He's my worst nightmare.



    Cover by Designs by Dana / Via

    ADJUSTING THE DEAL, S. Moose, New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author


    My goal while I’m home from college for the summer is to figure out what I want for my future.

    And avoid Liam Dono “van at all costs for the short time I’m here.

    Then, I leap before I think and put myself in the middle of a mess I can’t escape. Now, I have no idea what to expect. I didn’t think my life would take the turn it does.

    How can one summer change everything?


    My best friend’s daughter is beautiful. Confident. Sweet.

    And still a virgin.

    She offers herself to me as payment for her father’s debt. This isn’t what I expect. She was never part of the deal.

    But now, she’s in my home. Claiming my mind. Occupying my bed. I realize she’s exactly what I want.

    What I need.

    She’s the only reason I’m adjusting the deal.



    Cover by Designs by Dana / Via

    SWEET SECONDS, Liv Morris, USA Today Bestselling Author

    From USA Today Bestselling author Liv Morris comes a love story about the one who got away and the possibility of a second chance.

    Colin Dawson and Kirsten Parker haven’t spoken to each other in over a decade. During high school, they were devoted sweethearts who thought their love would survive as they headed to different colleges. But Colin’s bad decisions tore them apart and left Kirsten finding comfort in another man’s arms. “Losing her was the biggest regret of Colin’s life and still haunted him.

    Now fourteen years after their breakup, Kirsten returns to their hometown of Dallas when her marriage disintegrates. She’s invited to a night out with old high school friends and finds a newly divorced Colin joining them too.

    What happens when Colin comes face to face with the love of his life? Will fate give them another chance to make things right or will Kirsten’s hidden secret stand in their way?



    Cover by Designs by Dana / Via

    INNUENDO, Katherine Rhodes


    A pink thong.

    After robbing me blind—and naked—that’s all the sub left me. Not even my socks. Just her pink thong. Just because I’m a Dom doesn’t mean I enjoy all kinks—and humiliation was low on my list. I started to think that maybe it was time to retire from my position as Prime Dom at Club Imperial. Then again, was I really ready to start suffering through vanilla sex?

    Maybe not yet.

    Of course, there was also Nicci, the adorable, “sweet bartender at Club Imperial that everyone called Whiskey. While the girl was always dating a new loser, I wished she was a little older and a little kinkier. Neither stopped me from being her friend—but I won’t lie and say I didn’t wish it was more.



    I found myself looking into Crazy Cat Lady starter packages.

    Well, there was nothing wrong with cats. I rather liked them. It was the men, the males, I had been dating that were the problem. Dating, loosely. One date and all of their flaws and lies on the dating site were revealed. I was getting tired of it. I had some serious classes coming up and maybe it was time for me to just wait it out. Then again, was I ready for celibacy?

    Maybe not yet.

    Then there’s Darcy—Dr. Peter Billings, psychiatrist, Dom, philanthropist, and sex god. He was flat-out kinky though, and while I was willing to be wild, I wasn’t into submission. It didn’t stop me from being his friend—but I won’t lie and say I didn’t wish it was more.

    Innuendo is the beginning of the Club Imperial: City of Steel series.



    Cover by Designs by Dana / Via

    UNCONVENTIONAL, Aletha Romig, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, & USA Today Bestselling Author

    Erika Ellis is available to everyone, each night, on their TV—news at five-thirty and again at six o’clock. Viewers think they know her.

    They don’t, not like I do.

    I’ve watched her—closer than the others—not only on the news, but at all hours of the day and night. I’ve taken my time and learned her routines and her secrets. I know what she needs.

    I’ll bring her fantasies to life, even the ones she’s yet to realize. I’ll be the one to teach her that in submission there is power. She’ll understand that she doesn’t need accolades from her viewers or the world. She doesn’t need to be primped and primed. My praise is what she’ll live for. Bound and helpless is where her freedom will be found.

    The truth behind the stage makeup and faux laugh is that she is mine—nothing she can do or say will change that.

    She doesn’t know my unconventional plans.

    That’s okay.

    She will.

    It’s time to make my move.

    “I’m Victor Cross, the only man for the job.

    From New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes a fun, lighter story with a classic Aleatha darker twist, Unconventional.

    Have you been Aleatha’d?

    **There is no cheating in this book. Sit back, enjoy, and please withhold judgment until the very end. You won’t be sorry.”



    Cover by Designs by Dana / Via

    RIDIN’ DIRTY, Hilary Storm, USA Today Bestselling Author

    Harley Davis is in serious trouble. She’s been hiding from a group of men trying to get even with her. She knows her time is running out, which is why she has a detailed fail-proof escape plan.

    Slater Brooks has been undercover for years trying to get in with the officers of a club so he can get information for his own boss. He has one last job to do before he can disappear and enjoy the money he’s going to be paid… kidnap Harley Davis and deliver her to her father… who also happens to be his boss.

    Only problem is, she doesn’t have any intention of having anything to do with the man she considers the ‘sperm donor’ who gave her life.

    What happens when impossible meets stubborn? Read Ridin’ Dirty to find out!



    Cover by Designs by Dana / Via

    IN HIS ARMS, M. Stratton

    After years of living in Los Angeles, Mya Lawson was tired of the pressure and the pace. Deciding it was time to move on, she chose Roslyn, a small town in Washington State not far from Seattle. It was a town that a high school friend had loved, and she thought this little up and coming hamlet would be the perfect place to start over and enjoy life for a change.

    Nate Robbins and his sister founded the high-tech Vault Security in Roslyn. Between the two of them, they were the leading innovators of renewable energy security systems: homes for people who wanted all the bells and whistles of smart security while being able to live off the grid--untraceable. 

    When these old best friends run into each other again, they realize their feelings are very different now and their passion quickly heats up.

    …But in the shadows, someone is lurking, watching. Someone who has been saving himself for someone like Mya his whole life. Someone who will do whatever it takes to possess her.

    Even murder. 

    What do you do when your smart house turns on you and there is no escape?



    Cover by Designs by Dana / Via


    Until him, it was our fabulous foursome. We were the Cosmopolitan-sipping seductresses who enjoyed shopping, sharing our infatuations, and pretty much anything else girls do.

    One night turned my world upside down, inside out, and shifted me to the brink of insanity as my protective wall crumbled to dust.

    Rory Donovan—a raven-haired Irishman, annoyingly confident with two perfect dimples and just the right amount of scruff I itched to run my fingers through—stormed into my life, stifling me with sexual tension and combustible chemistry. But it was his throaty chuckle that made me homicidal as I spent day and night thinking about him.

    When I’m with him, everything makes sense in a world where nothing does. Rory saw past my designer labels, pretty baubles, and obnoxious humor—all the things I’ve used to shield myself from outsiders.

    But secrets tainted my security. I was going to lose everything I never knew I wanted. I’ve reached the point in my life where I need to be selfish, to make a sacrifice—a crossroads. It doesn’t matter which path I choose; someone will get hurt. Maybe that person is me.

    The air surrounding me weighs heavily on my skin, and my gut churns with indecision as the voice in my head screams, Wake the fuck up before it’s too late.