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(RE: BuzzFeed FOOD APPLICATION) 5 Study Friendly Coffee Shops In Houston, TX

Study spaces are one of the most important factors in being productive - for academics or just in general. Finding the perfect environment can get challenging and sometimes downright frustrating. Here are 5 places in Houston that create an atmosphere perfect for productivity and happen to serve some of the best coffee in town.

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1. The Nook Café

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Price - $

My Favorites - Cortado, Vanilla Bean Affogato Frap, Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Housed right on the University of Houston campus, The Nook Café offers a peaceful, yet energetic environment. The baristas are welcoming and make great coffee. There is a variety of non alcoholic beverages like coffee, tea and lemonade and alcoholic ones like local beers, wine and mimosas. It is well lit, has great seating and lots of power outlets convenient for your electronics. There are also board games, playing cards and books perfect for study breaks. If you happen to be a frequent visitor (or plan on doing so in the future) I suggest getting a Nook Rewards Card. You get a free drink after every ten purchases.

2. The Honeymoon Café and Bar

Aditya Shah

Price - $$

My Favorites - Cappuccino, Toddy Mocha, Crud, Honeymoon Burger, Bread Pudding.

The Honeymoon Café is conveniently placed in downtown Houston. It is only a few minutes from UH Downtown, and right off the Red Line Metro Light Rail. The menu is limited, but satisfactory. The food can get a little on the pricier side, but if you are a foodie, this place will not disappoint. The wall to wall windows on the store front allow for an abundance of natural light which makes it a great place for studying. Although, If you prefer to study late at night, I do not suggest the place as the lights are dimmed and the place transforms into a bar filled with its own unique vibe.

3. Tout Suite

Aditya Shah

Price - $$

My Favorites - Cortado, Macarons, Bread Pudding, Avocado Toast, Suite Burger.

Tout Suite is a great place to spend a few hours studying. The place offers a wide variety of desserts, food and exceptional coffee. This cafe provides ample of seating space with multiple bar-like arrangements, tables with open space, and more intimate cushioned areas. There are floor to ceiling windows on one side which allow plenty of natural lighting and views of a busy downtown Houston. The place does tend to get a little too loud at times (especially late evening hours) so carrying a pair of headphones is a smart choice.

4. Pondicheri Bake Lab

Aditya Shah

Price - $$

My Favorites - Gulab Jamun Bread Pudding, Bournvita Ice Cream, Filter Coffee.

The Pondicheri Bake Lab is an extension of the Indian restaurant, Pondicheri and is located right on top of it. In contrast to the restaurant, the bake lab is very intimate and offers a peaceful and quiet working environment. There are lots of seating spaces both indoors and outdoors. The bake lab serves Indian desserts and snacks along with different types of teas and coffees. Overall, it is a great place for getting work done and eating delicious food.

5. Revival Market

Rishi Sohoni

Price - $$

My Favorites - Revival Breakfast, Cortado, Lamb Pastrami.

Revival Market is a grocery store and butchery with a cafe nestled inside that serves some of the best coffee in town along with light breakfast and lunch food. Tucked away in the Heights (neighborhood) the place has a lot to offer. It is cozy and has a great environment to grab a bite, sip on some coffee and be productive. This place is best if you are a morning person as it opens every day at 7 am and closes at 4 pm.

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