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    What Is A Dental Marketing Director And Its Role?

    Learn more about dental marketing director and its role in dental industry.

    A Dental Marketing Director, is a marketing specialist and expert, that works alongside the professional dentists, their staff and any “support” people that handle the functions of the dental practice business.

    From contracted services to outsourced functions as well as but not limited to other “specific” marketing service providers, like Valpak, Postcard, SEO, Redplumb, Yellow Pages, Billboard, Radio, Television, Direct Mail, Email, Website, ZocDoc, healthgrades, Cosumers’ Checkbook or Social Media service providers to name a few.

    Dental marketing directors focus on and help dental practices stay on top of and leverage the fast-changing, and ultra-powerful advances in marketing technology, that will help them better reach their prospective patients and keeping their existing patients on board, while maximizing the dentistry care to them.

    If an “Online” marketing person provides website hosting, seo-sem, social media, mobile marketing, online advertising management, the Dental Marketing Director “Oversee’s” those mediums, directs, monitor’s and works with those service providers in order to achieve or exceed the agreed to expectations and ROI.

    Another way to look at it is, all those people that manage those specific parts of your marketing mix are the “players” on your “marketing team” and the Dental Marketing Director is “The Coach” and of course you “Own” this all-star team!

    As the “Team Owner” would you consider having a bunch of players running around the field without a coach, to oversee, guide, direct, nurture, tweak, monitor and mold them into the “dream team” you expect?

    As a dental professional, you should always look for a marketing specialist who knows and understands your point of view. They can walk in your “marketing” shoes, so to speak. Also, ask them,

    • Can they increase the number of new patients for your practice?

    • Can they decrease or minimize the number of no-shows and cancellations?

    • Can they increase your patient retention?

    • Will they provide you with “real” reporting to support the above questions if • they claim they can?

    • Will they provide you with “real” marketing intelligence? so you know your return on invested dollars.

    • If they say they will, to all the above, first ask them generally, how? then ask…

    • Will they provide you a “written” guarantee in the event their plan fails?

    This will help you minimize your investment risk should the results not meet expectations.

    In other words, would they be willing to work for you at no additional charge, until the agreed to results were achieved, or you both agreed to part as friends, with no additional monies owed?

    If they can’t offer you “all” of the above, keep looking until you find one that will. Your wallet and bank account will thank you.

    When you find that dental marketing director that will offer you “all” of these terms, hire them as fast as you can.

    They are very rare.

    By offering these terms, you have very low risk/reward exposure.

    If a marketing plan doesn’t do as performed your costs to continue will decrease over time until they do produce the desired results and at that point it doesn’t matter how much you are spending because if you are producing the desired results you are making more money.

    Then at this point, spend more, to get more!

    As technology evolves, patients increasingly rely on the internet to point them towards good dental products and trustworthy dental services.

    As a result, online digital marketing, when combined with proven Direct Mail, Marketing Automation and other proven digital media, like Video, TV and Radio, are now essential advertising tools for any dental practice.  

    Here are just a few of the areas that a dental marketing director can help your practice:

    • Dental Practice & Staff Reputation Implementation, Management & Marketing Practices

    • Marketing Plan Development & Creation Services

    • New Patient Lead Generation Services

    • New Patient Lead Nurturing Services

    • Patient Reactivation, Attraction, Acquisition & Retention Services

    • Marketing Automation Services

    • Practice Intelligence & Data Research Services

    • Focused & Targeted Email Marketing Services

    • Local SEO & SEM Services

    • Dental Practice Mobile Marketing Services

    • Google Plus Local, Practice Profile Marketing Services

    • Dental Practice Video Marketing Services

    • Facebook Engagement Services

    • Twitter Engagement Services

    • LinkedIn Engagement Services

    • Article Marketing Services

    • Practice & Doctor Brand Building Services

    • Other effective dental initiatives

    For any local dental practice, the move away from much more expensive, time-consuming, non-measurable or no results, print, billboard and television advertising, is proving beneficial as it saves the dental practice hard earned money.

    This savings can then be reinvested in more effective marketing practices, that generate new leads and then converts them into new patients.

    Getting New Patients = More Revenue = More Profit = Happy Dentist

    If you are looking for an effective way to promote your practice, and reach more prospective patients, a dental marketing director can be your trusted advisor!

    You own a dental practice, and you think it’s time to do some promotional and marketing campaigns for your practice.

    There are a couple of choices you have.

    If you are desperate then you can create your own marketing plan and implement and execute it yourself. Or you can hire a professional dental marketing director.

    But, what’s the difference?

    How much money do you think you can really save by handling your own marketing?

    How much money will you, or have you, thrown out the window “trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t”?

    What are the “hidden” or not so apparent costs of doing it yourself?

    Are you “really” satisfied with your current ROI from the marketing efforts you are doing?

    What can a dental marketing director do for you that you can’t do for yourself?

    This special report will answer all of these questions and not only tell you what a dental marketing director does, but also why you should seriously consider hiring one for your dental practice.

    More than that, this report will also fill you in on what exactly you should be looking for when hiring a dental marketing director. 

    That way you not only get a professional marketing director for your practice, but you get the one that’s right for you and will lead to a long lasting and profitable relationship for both of you.