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6 Types Of Indian Tourists You Will Find Travelling With You This New Year

Are you travelling this New Year? Here are 6 types of Indian tourists you will find travelling along with you. Excerpts from the book - Europe for a bargain:

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The Shravan Kumar


The modern day Shravan Kumar son (or daughter) will take parental devotion to yet another level by travelling with his/her centennial parents- respectfully addressed as auntyji and uncleji by all travellers. And except for an occasional feeble request for a rest stop so uncle and aunty can empty their bladder, they will rarely make their presence felt. For that matter, even with all their age related problems, both parents and the Shravan Kumar will present themselves as way too punctual for everyone else’s comfort- the last to leave and first to be back from sightseeing.

The shudh vegetarian eaters


Amongst the excited breakfasters, you will also find those who stand at a distance from the counter, with plates empty, staring at the food with such disdain that if the ‘meat’ has the capability of feeling humiliation, it would die all over again. If it isn’t for the fruits, yogurt and bread, our vegetarian friends would starve through the trip. They gorge on the meatless portions of the breakfast in the hope of sustaining till the next full course meal- dinner. Sadly, since our digestive system is dissimilar from cows and camels, such strategies rarely work and the tour group Indian dinner of rice, dal, chicken curry, vegetable curry and the condiments of curd, papad, salad and pickle will be much looked forward to.

The honeymooners


Commonly spotted in tour groups are newly married couples in different stages of their honeymoon; youngsters with corporate jobs and from affluent families who have arranged their love and also those who are still falling in love with the new arrangement. Then there are those, a few months into their marriage, on a delayed but much deserved honeymoon for they have spent months saving money for their first foreign vacation.

The ones in their second innings

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In the coach you will find those as well; the ones who have spent their entire lives working a single job, living a modest life to raise children who are now comfortably married and settled. The men now in their early 60’s, who once had held respectable positions in government offices and banks, and still retain the pride of their rank, will occasionally reinforce it during conversations but otherwise stay quiet. Their wives, vivacious aunties in tight kurtis, leggings and wool covering every inch of their shriveling bodies are jovial and more inclined to socialize with the younger lot. And even with their aching knees and shortness of breath, they will appear determined to live their life to the fullest – this one time after ages of having lived for others, fulfilling duties and making sacrifices.

The free ticket holders


In the group, you will find people from other professions as well – traders with a constant penchant for drunken love hindi movie songs; who having secured complimentary tour passes in recognition of their bumper product sales, exhibit the sort of happiness that is only possible when you leave a watchful wife behind.

The selfie-stick man


This kind is easy to spot for they hold the choicest weapon in their hands- a selfie-stick; ready to click a picture against anything that remotely looks like a background. After a point, your jaws will hurt seeing them smile and make a duck face but they will not finch. The only memories they take back are pictures with their duck faces completely covering the frame sans the backdrop.

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