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What Do You Do When a Tornado Destroys All of Your Art?

A tornado destroyed the Johnson’s home in Washington, Illinois, and with it, most of their art.

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Bradley “Eddy” Johnson wanted a house filled with art, every inch of every wall taken up with paintings, drawings, sketches, posters, sculptures, collectibles, found objects, records and books to consider, admire and, in some cases, be disturbed by. For 35 years, he produced and purchased such things, working toward his goal, an end that became easier to achieve when he met his wife, Phoebe, who also dreamed of a creative palace.

And their home was filled with art — until Sunday, when a category F4 tornado (second highest on the Fujita scale for intensity) hit Washington, Illinois. In a flash, their house was destroyed and with it, most of their art.


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