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Our 10 Favorite Writers On Tumblr & Why You Should Follow Them

Celebrate Tumblr’s seventh birthday by following some of the most engaging and entertaining authors on it!

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It should be no surprise that some of the best Tumblrs out there belong to authors. They’re able to create engaging, follow-worthy blogs by sharing their own content or reblogging the work of others. To celebrate the seventh birthday of Tumblr, which was founded in February of 2007, we’ve gathered our 10 favorite authors on it. They’re all worthy of space on your precious Dashboard.

1. Paul Kwiatkowski

Follow If: You like not-always-safe-for-work photography.

Call us biased, but we think Kwiatkowski, the author of our very own And Every Day was Overcast, has one of the best Tumblrs — not just of writers — but of anyone out there. It’s dedicated almost exclusively to photography, both his own and that of others, and never ceases to be beautiful and provocative.

2. John Green

Follow If: You are counting down the days until The Fault in Our Stars film.

Green loves Tumblr. When asked by one of his followers whether an assistant is behind his frequently updated blog, heresponded with mock horror. If you’re a fan of Green’s young adult novels, chances are you already following him, but even if you’re not, you should still consider it. He posts a wide array of content, from comments about misogyny in literature to musings about his writing— perfect for the aspiring or established literati.

3. Ann Friedman

Follow If: You spend all week waiting for Friedman’s weekly pie chart on The Hairpin.

Friedman’s Tumblr is just as wonderful as her column on The Cut and her pie charts on The Hairpin, which means really, really wonderful. She posts her own pie charts — which, trust us, you will want on your Dashboard — as well as news about upcoming events and .gifs from The Simpsons and Bob’s Burgers to capture her current mood — and isn’t that what Tumblr’s all about?


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