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I Did It! I Became An Internet Meme!

From writing for Thought Catalog to being mercilessly ridiculed on Meme Generator, this was my sad, sad life.

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Becoming an Internet meme was never so much a goal as something that just happened, simultaneously adding itself to and crossing itself off my bucket list. But hey, at least now I can die knowing that I was on Meme Generator.

Back in 2012, I wrote a blog post for Thought Catalog entitled “The Worst Parts of Being in a Band*.” I intended for it to capture the sentiment that everything about being in a band is both terrible and amazing — that the small challenges of the experience prove to be the biggest rewards. Unfortunately, poor form and a tiny editorial oversight conspired against me. Without the final, disclaimer-style paragraph, the entire post could be read as balls-down, sincere whining — my own mistake considering my tone was apparently too dry to detect irony and I was working under the naive assumption that Internet readers reach final paragraphs. Also, my editor left off the title’s asterisk — the only thing that preemptorily hinted that all is not what it seems. (Honestly though, this was a shitstorm of my own creation.)


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