How To Achieve Inner Peace Through Burlesque

Burlesque performer and comic artist Megan Rose Gedris discusses letting go of anxiety, whether it be having her house burn down or a bad case of nipple dandruff.

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I first discovered Michigan artist Megan Rose Gedris’s work when a friend recommended YU + ME. An epic comic Gedris began while still in high school, YU + ME features a lesbian protagonist who discovers her girlfriend is a figment of her imagination. Instead of the story ending there, the protagonist plunges back into the dream world to rescue her girlfriend, and Gedris’s art morphs from straightforward comicstrip into a bewildering array of styles encompassing everything from collage to clay.

This was the start of a trend that would define the rest of Gedris’s projects: a dedication to telling lesbian stories coupled with a hardcore work ethic that had her turning out hundreds of pages of everything from sci-fi stories drawn in the same style as the pulp comics that inspired them to mermaid smut to musings about periods. I contacted her looking for insight into how she did it all and discovered her method of finding peace when her life became too chaotic: burlesque.


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