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I Tried 3 Different Sports Bras For 3 Different Workouts, And Here’s How It Honestly Went

Join me on my sweaty adventure.

Hi, my name is Isabella. Last week, I decided I was finally ready to emerge from my winter hibernation and I wanted to celebrate by moving and grooving to my heart's content.

But before I started working it (and working out), I realized two things:

1. I needed a new sports bra. 

2. I had no idea what my size even was anymore. It's been a long time okay! 

I'd learn that I wasn't alone though. According to adidas, over 90% of women wear the wrong size sports bra.

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So I hopped onto their blog to read more about getting into the right fit, quickly took my measurements based on their new bra size calculator, and voila... 

adidas sent me three sports bras that fit absolutely PERFECTLY!

Armed with my new workout buddies, I instantly got my space ready to go.

I started with the CoreFlow Medium-Support Bra for my morning yoga session.

Turns out I was right. I loved this bra for a good stretch or yoga moment!

After my early morning stretch got me warmed up, I swapped out for the FastImpact Luxe Run High-Support Bra to take my dog out on a run through the neighbourhood.

front of black sports bra

Plus, I was majorly intrigued by these adjustable straps:

So I strapped it on (literally)...

...and hit the streets with Stella.

This high-impact bra was so comfortable in fact...

Last but certainly not least, the next day I decided to take the Powerreact Training Medium-Support Bra out for a spin.

white sports bra

Plus, it's supercute.

...took a virtual boxing class!

This class involved a lot of jumping.

After a slow and cold winter, it felt so rejuvenating to spend two days shaking things out during these three different workouts.

There's more where that came from. adidas reengineered their sports bra collection for every fit and every move. Feel the support and check out the full collection here.

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