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8 Reasons Why You Deserve More Support From Your Sports Bra

Did you know that over 90% of women have been reported to be wearing the wrong size sports bra?

1. Because women in sports are constantly underrepresented... even down to their bras.

2. Because you deserve to have a sports bra made for you by people like you.

two women doing yoga

3. Because lack of support from your bra while working out can be a pretty serious pain.

woman running a track

4. Because you should be able to experience your favourite movement, without your boobs also experiencing movement.

5. Because a sports bra shouldn’t hold girls back from discovering and playing sports that they love (and kick butt in).

6. Because a bra shouldn’t be something you even have to think about.

woman stretching

7. Because one size does NOT fit all.

8. Because you deserve a sports bra that’s just as unique as you are.

group of women in sports bras

Support is everything. Get moving and check out the newly re-engineered sports bra collection from adidas here.

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