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18 Things From adidas For Whichever Decade You're Feeling RN

Swinging '60s? Soulful '70s? Flashy '80s? No matter where you see your style in history, adidas has the looks.

FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.


1. A skirt with a '50s-inspired pleat that's sure to kick you all the way back to the sock hop at the gym.


2. A Twiggy-esque miniskirt that can't wait to accompany you back to The Factory.

3. A corn yellow corduroy dress you'd blend right in with at Woodstock.

4. A set of track pants with mod accents for your inner flower child.


5. Funky shoes with a little shag and a little leather, reminiscent of a roller disco (minus the wheels).

6. A long-sleeved mock neck tee, to relax in during your next vinyl listening session.

7. A designer bodysuit that gives off major gymnastics prodigy vibes.


8. A silky-soft satin button-down, for epic solo karaoke sessions.

9. A classic logo backpack for all your legwarmers and neon workout gear.

10. A pastel track jacket, so your crush can still spot you on the football field after dark.


11. An OG fanny pack, to go with all your shiny '90s nostalgia.

12. This understated Goofy skater cap that's part of a collab with one of your favorite childhood cartoon companies.

13. And one more glittery waist pack...because let's be honest, you're going to want to alternate.


14. These gender-neutral quilted pants, to nail that music video camo aesthetic.

15. A clear crossbody bag, so you don't lose track of all your cute flavored lip balms.


16. These modern runners with neon accents and a cushioned midsole, to help you step into your future.

17. A trendy tiny beanie — for you, or for someone special.

18. And a pair of relaxed wide-leg pants, for timelessly retro elegance.

Images courtesy of adidas

Here's to the past, present, and future of fashion-meets-function. Shop the looks now at adidas.