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14 Items From adidas That'll Make You Feel Both Comfortable And Cool

Just because you're trading in stiff collars for sweats these days, doesn't mean you can't still stand out.

FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A crisp tee dress, for those messy-bun mornings when you still want to look done-up.

Get it for $32 (reg. $45).

2. This floral tote bag with an inner zipper, for enviably chic errand-running with all your essentials close at hand.

Get it for $45.

3. A boxy tee with an oversized logo, for hypebeasts and hygge enthusiasts alike.

Get it for $21 (reg. $35).

4. This pair of volleyball shorts with a locked-in feel, so you don't need to be serving on the court to be ~serving~ off it.

Get 'em for $30.

5. A loose-fitting crop with retro detailing and pastel colors, for those muted morning moods.

Get it for $35.

6. A classic pair of leggings in an eye-catching color, so you don't have to spend time thinking about how to stand out.

Get a pair for $35.

7. This soft knit beanie that goes with pretty much, well, everything.

Get it for $30.

8. An insanely cute pair of satin shorts with an elastic waist, to feel luxe no matter where you're lounging.

Get them for $45.

9. A pair of quick-drying slides especially made for slipping on after a shower, or hanging out poolside.

Get them for $25.

10. This gender-neutral jersey made by a queer skateboarding project in Oakland, because even the comfiest threads can still make a statement.

Get it for $55.

11. Statement sneakers with a hidden wedge, so you can feel like you're stepping out while you're getting your steps in.

Get them for $96 (reg. $120).

12. A set of sweats made from imported French terry and inspired by hiking looks of the 2000s, for a little nostalgia mixed in with that cozy feeling.

Get them for $55.

13. A sleek moisture-absorbing sweatshirt with an adjustable mock neck, so you can stay as warm or as cool as you need to on busier days.

Get it for $60.

14. And these lightweight shoes with a stretchy upper and a supportive midsole, for a stylish solution to spending long days on your feet.

Get them for $112 (reg. $140).

Images courtesy of adidas

For a quar-drobe that's equal parts cool and comfy, shop adidas.