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12 adidas Shoes For Every Type Of Pandemic Mood

From shuffling around the house to running all over the place, there's an adidas shoe for every you you've been this year.

FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. These simple black slides, since you're in back-to-back meetings 'til EOD:

2. These high-performance running shoes, made from Parley Ocean Plastic, since you're always on your feet:

3. Or this cold weather–ready version that'll keep your feet warm all winter long:

4. These molded cleats, for socially distanced sports needs:

5. These slick kicks you'll wanna show off during your next virtual happy hour:

6. These hiking boots, so you can get outside and stay outside:

7. These snowboarding boots, so you can keep six feet apart on the slopes:

8. These vintage-looking shoes, for when you want to go outside (but you don't really want to go outside):

9. These superstar shoes for when you're feelin' a heel:

10. These futuristic kicks that'll transport you to a time when ~all this~ is behind us:

11. This fresh pair, for when you've got a rosy outlook on life:

12. These statement-making trail running shoes, for when you're feeling adventurous:

Images courtesy of adidas

Whether your little piggies go to market or your little piggies stay home, adorn them in adidas.