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Very many relationships are run on social media these days. It has made for instant confession of feelings and constant reporting of activities by partners. While it may have enhanced connectivity, it may not have improved connection really. The social media has given people an omnipresent status around their partners. It may be impressive in a way but irritating to some other people. As fun as it may be to flaunt one’s partner and administer the flair of the social media to relationships, old school is still cool to many. There are still some cool things many did for their relationships before the social media and they loved deeply with much fun. You may want to try these.

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Travel together and make new memories:


Taking trips to relatively new or more exciting places could add the much needed fun to your relationship. These trips have a way of revitalizing old, fond memories and as well create new ones. I could remember when we travelled in our car and my wife was telling me about some EMP hardening techniques while our car broke down. For older partners, it’s reminding of when love was new and young. For the younger ones, it creates new memories which would be remembered with fondness. Taking time to travel and explore or spend time together reinforces commitment, re-intensifies passion and is fun itself given the exposure and happiness that accrues.

So take some time and get out of the monotony of your daily activities and their emotional numbness and take a trip together.

Be creative and surprise each other:


Everyone may agree they love surprises, especially pleasant surprises. Your relationship may be made more fun with occasional surprising of each other. Most partners tend to know what their partners like but do not always go ahead to do those pleasing things. On the other hand, the other partners do not always go ahead expecting to get that which they’d like to have. This has become usual. So going out of the way to surprise your partner would be much fun, how much more when the surprises are products of novel implementations. The deeds do not have to be exceedingly exceptional or laborious. Changing a bit, some of the everyday precepts or activities could do the trick. So why not make your partner breakfast, drop a love note at her office personally, order his favorite game console and much peculiar ones you may begin to think of.

Date each other:


Dating each other is not only meant for the early days of relationship. It’s a must in any relationship. Taking time out at a nearby café, having dinner or seeing a movie together is all things lovely including romantic. In addition to the loveliness of spending time together, it creates lovely memories to be cherished afterward and improves bonding in relationships. Partners are made aware of their status in their partners’ lives thereby enhancing the assurance of being loved. Knowledge of partners is expounded the more to their partners through such dates.

Socialise together:


Socializing together with other couples or in the company of friends could be much fun. Be it spontaneous outings with friends or organized double dates, more fun is always generated than you would have alone. Some also people do feel apprehensive about going on dates. Double dating or involving other friends is a sure way to deal with this pressure. In a group, the flow is enhanced and is shifted from the somewhat odd-long stares at each other to one that is more relaxed and fun. Fun activities for socializing together may include a barbeque night, watching important games on TV, going shopping or going on a mini-trip.

Play board games:


Partners who struggle to find things to do as a couple may find for themselves a new hobby in playing board games. It also gives partners a screen free break from their devices and helps them to reconnect. Playing board games are different from the conventional daily activities, so it adds variety to your time together. While it makes you competitive without posing harm at all, it also enhances commitment. Setting up, having to go through the rules of the game and staying on it is enough commitment. Playing board games together helps you to practise commitment from time to time. So if you are such that constantly seek excitement in your relationship, playing board games is a sure way to have fun when other activities have been checked out. Simply add and play according to your own rules and have fun as you please.

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