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There are series of smarter ways by which you can reduce the amount of money you never planned spending for your home refurbishment.

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Your home is where you spend most of your time. It’s a place to relax and unwind, to feel comfortable and secure. It should be a place of pride and satisfaction. A place where you can bring friends over for drinks without a spot of shame. And so only a few things in life are as important to us as our home. The idea of refurbishing or renovating the home can be overwhelming and exciting at the same time, a lot of things have to be considered and so many decisions to be made over a short period. You have to take decisions about the choice contractor or trades man, new aesthetic designs, and so many other things. And upon all this, there is a cost to consider, you don’t want to blow your budget out of proportion. It is a long-term investment and you want to get it right.

Whether you are planning a major refurbishment of the whole house or just minor upgrading of kitchen, this guide will help you make better decision through the whole process. Further, you’ll find useful tips on refurbishments that meets all your needs while taking your budgets to full consideration. Below are some of the smart tips on how to reduce the cost of home refurbishment.

For you not to spend more than expected, you need to have a realistic budget and stick to it. Most renovations overruns are the result of poor planning. Like Bryan Tracey, a leadership Expert puts it, ‘’Prior Proper Planning Prevent Poor Performance.’’ If there is not a proper plan on ground, a lot of things could happen, like changing the design half way through, trying to fix arising issues that you did not anticipate, or increase in price of materials.

Having a Wishlist and an estimate for everything you need for your renovation. Being sure of what it is you want from your refurbishment, will prevent you from over relying on your contractor’s quotation which most times can be excessive.

Your Wishlist may include total refurbishment of the whole house but it is wise to prioritize. You should focus on the most important renovations first and embark on them. Also look for opportunities to save money. If you plan to demolish sections of the house, be on the lookout for materials that are still in good state and can be useful elsewhere. Depending on your budget, you can do cosmetic fixes on your house. They are quick, cheap, attractive, easy to do and most importantly, they save cost. For example: If you cannot afford to renovate the whole bathroom, you should make some cosmetic fixes like changing the tap, mirror and you may also repaint the bathroom to make it a lot a lot better.

One of the smart ways to reduce the cost of home maintenance is to do some of your home renovation yourself. Tom Silva of This Old House Contractors, said, ‘’If you want to save money, dig in and start helping out. You can insulate, you can paint, you can sand. Instead of paying someone to pick up sawdust off the floor, put your money into the times it takes to trim the window properly.’’ If you have the skill and you are patient enough, you can look out for some of the things in your house that you can decide to do yourself. In addition, you can reduce cost on renovation by deciding to pick up materials for your home refurbishment from an auction or at low peak periods.

Renovation does not really mean you have to dispose of the old items you have in your house. You can always re-use the old furniture or item in your house in a different but creative way that will turn out beautiful for you. For example, the old woods in your house can be reused for shelves or storage units. Furniture can be washed and repainted. Hence, look out for old items that can be reused or sell them on ebay or any auction site to generate more cash for your refurbishment. Your interior decorator can help you to pick out items that are still useful. Although in some cases, old and worn-out items cannot be reused but replaced. For example, you can only replace a broken sash cord of your windows with a new ones or a broken lock with new locks. Take time to refurbish your household items and replace only when you cannot reuse.

Stick to the original plumbing points in your kitchen and bathroom and keep all your facilities in the same place because moving your facilities can be expensive and time-consuming.

You should speak to a qualified plumber who can guide through the process and give you good advice on efficient ways to make the best out of your current layout.

Now that you have made a decision on how to make your home more stylish and you have chosen planned a cost-effective plan to achieve this, what is more? Make the right decision on your choice of contractor. And make use of the above cost cutting tips.

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