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10 Beauty Ideas For The Adult Glitter Enthusiast

With New Years fast approaching, we all need to get our glitter game on lock. While the roll on stuff from Claire's is all fine and good, here are some more age appropriate ways to incorporate some sparkle into your beauty routine!

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1. A Gilded Part


Or silver, or bronze, or green, whatever!

Easily achieved by adding either a glittery liquid product (like eyeliner), or hair chalk to your part, this is a pretty unusual (and subtle) look.


KA'OIR Glitz $14.99 for just the loose glitter, $31.99 for the Lipstick AND loose glitter. Tutorial videos are on their website. They have some insanely pigmented, awesome quality lipsticks in any color you can imagine btw.

View this video on YouTube

A great tutorial if you'd rather use a loose glitter product that you already have.

Stila Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow, $32

This stuff is buildable so you can use it for a slight shimmer or build it up to be completely opaque. The texture is indescribable but it's very easy to use.

6. Shimmery 'Do


You can go either way with this one, a glitter spray can be used in moderation to add a little sparkle in the sun, or you can douse it if you're feeling that extra dazzle.

7. Sparkly Body Art


Believe it or not, it can be tastefully done! And it's actually a huge thing right now. While you can use other glitter products to make some 1 day only, homemade designs of your own, a company called Flash Tats makes golden temporary tattoo sheets starting at $22. Now if only they made real deal glitter tattoo ink...

8. Glittery Lashes

Cover 'em, or just cover the tips for a little extra sparkle. Use a glitter liner or a glitter mascara. Be careful with loose glitter, because it can get in your eyes for real.

9. Shimmering Body Lotions

These are pretty accessible, shimmering body lotions are pretty much everywhere! Make sure to test them out, you don't wanna go overkill... or underkill?

How do you incorporate glitter into your make up routine?

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