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    Here Are Some Cute Pictures Of Kids Awkwardly Falling Asleep On Their Dads And It's Food For The Soul

    "This thread watered my crops, cleared my skin and restarted my heart."

    Meet Trajuan Briggs, a 26-year-old college academic advisor at the University of New Mexico. He's also dad to an adorable son called Isaiah and the duo are responsible for a very important thread.


    The father-of-one from Alberquerque told BuzzFeed News: "So the thread started because I'm fairly new in fatherhood, I have a year in the game. A lot of my friends are fathers so throughout the process no one ever told me about the crazy sleeping positions, it was never discussed.

    "So before bed, me and Isaiah watch Elmo on my phone and he just knocks out on my neck. As I'm laying there it hits me, take a pic because this is hilarious and send it to the bros. Then I thought how cool it would be if just fathers shared the craziness together. Sort of a 'you're not alone, bro' type thing for comedy. It just blew up."

    Kicking off the thread with his own moment, Trajuan invited other fathers to share their snaps of what goes down when it's nap time and the responses are wonderful.

    Fathers we should start a thread of pics showing how our kids sleep on us. I'll start πŸ˜‚

    The tweet has been shared more than 21,000 times and has prompted thousands of heartwarming responses.


    Trajuan added: "The general online responses are dope! Like I said I didn't think it would be big at all so it's amazing seeing the reactions and positivity. That's what it's all about. The best responses have been all the participating dads.

    "Showing another side of fatherhood and having a community supporting each other. Just refreshing to see with a lot of good vibes. I just hope people take away the cool parts of life and social media. Twitter gives laughs, tears, motivation, arguments. I just want to provide a happy moment."

    Other fathers joined in to share pictures of their little ones during nap time.

    @Vic_Vinegar_ @mianniversace @Qool_Runnings Have so many, but this ma all time favourite

    @Qool_Runnings 1. Yes that is a shower curtain 2. Yes I was taking a dump 3. Kids don’t care πŸ˜‚

    Isn't this the cutest Yoda you've ever seen?

    @Qool_Runnings @NyashaJunior Almost 3 years ago. Halloween party.

    The thread has a lot of people feeling warm.

    The best thread ever πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

    Who doesn't love wholesome content?

    this is such great wholesome content

    Happiest thread of the day.

    Cutest thread ever! 😍😍😍 God, I see what you're doing for others 😭😍

    And very broody🀰🏽

    This thread made me happy-cry and want another baby 😭

    Check the replies. I think I'm pregnant

    Aaaawwwww! Little personal space but lots and lots of love. And i know the dads wouldn't have it any other way! 😜

    This is the type of thread that just generally improves your mood.

    This thread watered my crops, cleared my skin and restarted my heart.

    All together now... Aww!

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