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    When This Teen Couldn't Have The Prom Date She Wanted, Her 67-Year-Old Grandfather Offered To Fill In And It's Adorable

    "Are you trying to make me cry? Because you succeeded."

    So with prom season in full effect, cue elaborate themes and extravagant proposals. But with it also comes a lot of heartwarming moments like this.

    And so in the absence of a date for Kaylah, her 67-year-old grandfather Alvin Hackett seized the opportunity to take his granddaughter to the special occasion.

    My papa knew I didn’t have a date to my prom so he matched me !!!!!!!!

    And he made sure he went the extra mile to step out in style with a complementary ensemble and present Kaylah with a customary corsage.

    Kaylah explained, "We had agreed on him showing up with me to take pictures and I knew he would dress nice, but the whole suit and corsage and everything was a complete shock."

    She continued, "He said because I am his granddaughter and I am precious to him and he saw I didn’t have a date, he thought it was only right for him to step up and show me what a prom date should be like."

    Their prom pictures have since gone viral, with people loving just how devoted Alvin is to his granddaughter — and there are even some people who are ready to be devoted to Alvin. 👀

    And people are all in their feelings. 😭

    are you trying to make me cry because you succeeded

    @deary_kay I think there’s something in my eye

    @deary_kay 😭I’m crying this is so very sweet

    Some people are noting a resemblance between Kaylah's grandfather and legendary director Spike Lee.

    @deary_kay Why her papa look like a more swagged out version of spike lee👀👀👀

    Wait so that’s really not spike lee?

    Did spike lee have a twin?

    And loving Kaylah's and Alvin's style.

    @deary_kay @el_shinkafi Your dad is dapper af. I really hope I age this well.

    You both look amazing!

    But mostly, it's a reminder that some grandparents are truly special.

    Grandparents are a gift from God.

    @deary_kay That's the best man that could have ever taken you I love this😍😍

    So who is going to get Steve Harvey on the line and make this grandfather's dream come true?