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    Prince Charles Weighed In On Which African Country Has The Best Jollof Rice And His Response Was Perfectly Diplomatic

    It's basically now a peacekeeping mission.

    So if you weren't aware, Prince Charles is currently on an eight-day royal tour of West Africa.

    Accompanied by his wife Camilla, the heir to the British throne visited Gambia, then Ghana, and is ending the trip in Nigeria.

    The tour comes just a few days before Prince Charles celebrates his 70th birthday on Nov. 14. Yes, Prince Charles is a Scorpio.

    It's also his first overseas visit to countries in the Commonwealth since being confirmed as the new head of the group of 53 nations.

    And it was during a reception in Lagos, Nigeria, that Prince Charles bravely added his own thoughts to the fierce and ongoing debate over which African nation makes the best jollof rice.

    Prince Charles diplomatically avoids getting involved in the jollof wars during his West African tour with his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. @ClarenceHouse #RoyalVisitNigeria

    He said: “Having also visited the Gambia and Ghana over the past week, our visit to Nigeria may perhaps provide an invaluable opportunity to compare — if one ever dares do such a thing! — the relative merits of each country’s jollof rice.

    "However, for fear of sparking a diplomatic incident, I suspect I shall have to let you draw your own conclusions about which country’s jollof we found to be the most delicious."

    Prince Charles risks international OUTRAGE as he takes on the Jollof Rice Question at a speech during #RoyalVisitNigeria tonight... "Having visited The Gambia and Ghana over the past week, our visit to Nigeria may perhaps provide an invaluable opportunity to compare ... (1/2)

    For those of you who aren't aware what jollof rice is, and why it is such a divisive topic, you can read this.

    Just know, jollof rice advocates are very protective of it.

    @SimpleSimonFB I'm really sorry for this. The Jollof Rice With Chicken recipe has been removed from the website. #KindRegards - Luc

    Prince Charles also gave his best effort at speaking pidgin English and ended his speech with the popular phrase "Naija no dey carry last", which roughly translates as "Nigerians don't finish in last place."

    He did however thrill the audience by using the popular pidgin language during a speech in Abuja, saying: “Naija no dey carry last.” (Nigeria always wins!) @ClarenceHouse #RoyalVisitNigeria

    Charles also used his time to meet with local creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs.

    And he met with traditional rulers and Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari.

    And British supermodel Naomi Campbell was there too, because why not?