People Think Barbie's Actually Doing Better Vlogs Than Most YouTubers

    "barbie making vlogs better than most youtubers tho".

    Barbie, the iconic American doll, is growing her fanbase online with new viewers being introduced to her vlogs, where she gives relatable advice on some of life's biggest challenges.

    When I tell y’all Barbie’s vlogs will have you evaluating yourself

    She's been a member of the YouTube community since 2005, and the vlogs launched in 2015 as an extension of the official channel, which has over 4.4 million subscribers.

    The catalogue of content ranges from helping Barbie to pick a prom dress to a "Ken does my makeup" challenge, but it's her insight into topical issues that have people subscribing.

    Vlogger Barbie dissects "feeling blue" for the days when you're not feeling quite like yourself.

    Or maybe you're dealing with insensitive people.

    The vlogs have also been used as a platform to profile women in history, including Mexican artist Frida Kahlo.

    Vlogger Barbie also gives viewers exclusives like a one to one interview with famed ballerina Misty Copeland. Does your favourite vlogger have this type of range?

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    Appearing as an animation, various clips have recently made their way to Twitter and finding out about them has been an enlightening experience for people.

    @RXMANSPHOENIX WOW so Barbie is really out here delivering relatable and thoughtful content on YT. Lemme go subscribe!

    @RXMANSPHOENIX anyone want to explain how i’m now going to go to barbie’s youtube for life advice now???


    Well, I just subscribed to Barbie’s youtube channel and I feel fulfilled. Her makeup tutorials are mesmerizing 😮. Her hands are freakishly steady (goals) and her vlogs are lit. 😭

    @RXMANSPHOENIX @FavourRhys i've never heard barbie speak this much facts like wow this actually was some great advice. i could fr relate to this

    Oooh so Barbie has vlogs now my grown ass bouta subscribe 💯 she spitting straight facts

    Who needs a therapist when you can consult with Barbie?(Please, if you need a therapist absolutely see one. An animation shouldn't substitute for actually speaking to a specialist).

    @Cara_luv1 @RXMANSPHOENIX This is what accessible therapy looks like in 2018.

    The animated Barbie vlogs are my therapist now

    Those Barbie vlogs are helping me out more than any therapist ever could

    The Barbie vlogs are proving to be a hit for viewers of all ages and even for those who haven't engaged with the Barbie brand before.

    watching barbie was never a part of my childhood. however these barbie vlogs are currently my main source of light and motivation

    Barbie's vlogs actually helped me last night and I love Barbie even more now idc if I am 20 😭😭 Barbie being woke and real

    Sorry but I’m a barbie girl now, I stan this new gen barbie that vlogs about life issues

    @RXMANSPHOENIX I’m seriously so happy that there are kids growing up with this kind of stuff out there, it gives me a modicum of hope :’) can’t believe Barbie is my kween

    Some new fans are so impressed with vlogger Barbie that they think she's giving other YouTubers a run for their money.

    @RXMANSPHOENIX Bruh give my gurl Barbie some support tho she been here doing better vlogs than most youtubers

    @RXMANSPHOENIX why does barbie make better videos than most youtubers

    barbie making vlogs better than most youtubers tho

    Some found themselves falling into a dark hole of binge watching because there's no such things as too much Barbie in your life right?

    help i can't stop watching barbie's vlogs

    you guys I cant stop watching the Barbie vlogs on my TL and taking advice from Barbie

    you: watches emmy nominated television me, an intellectual: spends hours watching barbie’s vlogs

    I am now a certified regular viewer of Barbie's vlogs. what a queen

    @2xinternet @romy_pringle 👏👏👏 she's my new icon!! Can't believe I slept on such a QUEEN! She basically invented strength and independence and here I was not paying attention 😔😔

    While some people are new to the Barbie fandom, existing fans were quick to let the people know that Barbie has always been 'woke.'

    @galguibra @romy_pringle Seriously? She was one of the first female coders who programmed huge helpful things, the first female president, the first female astronaut, has over 135+ jobs, never needed a man/ never married, and has saved the world— the universe multiple times.

    @RXMANSPHOENIX @jennifercarolyn Barbie‘s been feminist for ages, you people just never paid attention 😂

    In an interview with People Magazine, yes because Barbie gives interviews, the YouTube star told the magazine:

    "I love the social aspects of being a vlogger. I love that I can be part of a community that didn’t really exist even a few years ago. I guess I hope my fans can learn new things about me and get inspired by new ideas I might pass along … just as I get inspired by them and their ideas."

    Barbie. An icon, a Queen. We stan.