Part Two Of The International "Where Do You Keep Your Washing Machine?" Debate Is Kicking Off And Germany Might Be On To Something

    "Can you imagine taking your clothes off and putting them DIRECTLY in the wash? Genius." (H/T @biebersgrills)

    Sorry to drag this all up again but some time ago we had all agreed that your washing machine absolutely belongs in the kitchen. This conclusion followed a long ass debate after which we established that British homes generally do not have the space for a so-called laundry room.

    It sparked A Whole Thing but was eventually verified and settled with — ta-da! — a YouGov poll. Yes, 67% of respondents confirmed that the kitchen is the correct place to have a washing machine, 15% felt otherwise, while 18% didn't have a clue.

    But now Twitter user @biebersgrills has let us know that German people actually keep their washing machines in their bathrooms. It's added a new layer to this conversation and British people are seriously reconsidering that kitchen thing.

    In Germany it‘s the MOST NORMAL thing that washing machines are placed in bathrooms and not in the kitchen where it definitely doesn‘t belong???? IM-

    A quick survey of some of our BuzzFeed Germany colleagues (and scouring German homes on Airbnb) confirmed the information was true: Yes, Germans keep washing machines in the bathroom, "just where they belong!" (Thanks, Karsten!)

    And in a true lightbulb moment, people's eyes are open to the possibilities.

    All of a sudden taking my clothes to the kitchen to wash and dry them suddenly feels stupid. Brits, we’ve deffo gotta hold this L in silence 😂😩

    It makes complete sense for washing machines to be in the bathroom and I can’t answer why us brits put them in the kitchen either

    It lowkey makes sense to put it in the bathroom

    Despite being British with a washing machine in the kitchen, this actually totally makes sense to me lol. Wash your body and wash the clothes that go on your body in the same room 🤷🏾‍♀️

    My thoughts exactly.

    can you imagine taking your clothes off and putting them DIRECTLY in the wash.... genius

    Some people also shared how it's the same in other countries.

    It’s the same in Finland

    Same in Norway.. Why the fuck would you have it in the kitchen

    In sweden too yall in the uk weird

    Obviously there are some people who appear to be totally unaware of British laundry culture.

    Who tf has a washing machine in their kitchen?

    there are countries with washing machines in the kitchen... ¿

    And I personally feel attacked.🤦🏾‍♀️

    Who THE FUCK has their washing machine in their kitchen??! Lmfao

    Why is this an issue now? In 90% of the world it’s in the laundry room

    Well, in this little corner of the world, laundry rooms are NOT A THING because we just don't have the space!

    But some people remain unmoved.

    Nah they definitely go in the kitchen won’t have it any other way

    To summarise: Limited space, coupled with limited plug sockets, have forced the British into a situation where we wash our clothes in the same room where we make our dinner.