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    A Teenage Pageant Contestant Looks Just Like Regina George And The Internet Is Adamant That It's Her

    "That’s Regina George idgaf what you tell me."

    This is Clarisse Muller. She's a 16-year-old from Namibia but the internet is convinced that she is "Mean Girls" Queen Bee Regina George.

    This month we chat with Miss Teen Namibia 2018 1st Runner Up, Clasrisse Muller. An inspirational teen with an incredible mission. Read more about her on our site. Link in our bio.

    On god i thought this was Regina George

    People can't get over Clarisse's striking resemblance to the leader of "The Plastics" as portrayed by Rachel McAdams in the 2004 hit film.

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    But Clarisse is just your everyday teenager who was recently named first runner up at the Miss Teen Namibia contest in Windhoek.

    Yes, Clarisse is from Namibia and as expected there's a Mean Girls quote that some people just couldn't wait to drop.

    Helene Dengler Grundeling

    So if you're from Africa, why are you white?

    Over 100,000 Namibians are white – they mostly live in Windhoek, the capital, where Clarisse was born and raised. Many are descended from the Germans who colonised the country in the Nineteenth Century, while others are of South African, British and Portuguese descent.

    She said: "I love my country. Where else does the Skeleton Coast meet the desert and where else can you see the Big Five at one lodge? Namibia is truly a gem out of God's hand."

    Clarisse, who is a fan of the film, says that she first became aware of the similarities two weeks ago when someone sent her a direct message.

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    She said: "It is definitely not something I’ve heard before but there was this guy who DMd me on Instagram about two weeks ago and told me that I look exactly like Regina."

    But a viral tweet with over 82,000 retweets has people firmly convinced that Clarisse is the trend setting Queen Bee we all love to hate: Regina George.

    The aspiring actress believes that there are "some small similarities" between herself and Regina. But the teen beauty Queen is happy just being herself.

    But Regina George fans are adamant that this is their Queen.

    Being a Mean Girls super fan, I know Regina George when I see her, YOU CANT FOOL ME.

    I zoomed ALLLL the way on the face. That’s Regina George idgaf what you tell me

    i’m not gonna sit here on for you tell me this ISNT regina george

    Idk who Clarisse Muller thinks she’s fooling because this is Regina George. 👀 #AMassiveDeal

    So Regina George out here trying to be a “nice girl” now. 🧐

    Regina George’s back healed so fast glad to see she’s living life

    She’s from Africa and she’s white and looks like Regina George?? Cady Heron is SHAKING

    A theory 🤔

    Regina George moves to Africa for a fresh start. She encourages her daughter to compete in the Miss Teen Namibia contest. Just when Regina thought she had put the events of 2004 behind her, her daughter gets second place to, that’s right, you guessed it, Cady Heron’s daughter.