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    This Dad Came Up With A Creative Way To Keep His Son Entertained And He Might Be On To Something

    "You’ve reached Legendary Saiyan Dad mode."

    Meet Ralph Content and his adorable son Liam Content. They're from Florida and recently went viral after Ralph tweeted what parenting looks like in his household.

    His tweet showed himself playing a video game in one screen and the Disney movie Moana set up in another screen along with the caption: "Being a father is not that hard."

    Being a father is not that hard.

    Ralph told BuzzFeed News: "I recently bought a PlayStation4 my girlfriend did not approve of. In the living room I’d stay up playing for hours and she did not like that. To compromise I put a smaller TV in the bedroom. I would play Call of Duty, while she watches Grey’s Anatomy. Soon the double TV concept came in handy with my 1-year-old son. Hypnotised by Moana, nothing else mattered. At that moment, we were both so content I decided to take a picture."

    The 24-year-old graphic designer said: "I did not expect to go viral, I only have 700 followers. I posted the tweet to share my fatherhood experience. I only expected a few 'awwws' from family and friends."

    Parenthood = multitasking.

    As well as finding the responses amusing, the resourceful dad noted how his post was about sharing the positive aspects of parenting.

    The response has included other fathers sharing images of themselves with their children.

    @WRCKDRalph @GoodEatz_Deezy #Salute

    And a general admiration for Ralph's take on multitasking and parenting.

    @WRCKDRalph @elitelife_kd You’ve reached Legendary Saiyan Dad mode