The Most Patient Man On The Internet Finally Got The Christmas Advert He Deserves

    "I'm no Elton John but..."

    So by now you should be familiar with John Lewis. No, not the British retail store, but the American lecturer behind the @JohnLewis username on Twitter, aka the most patient man on the internet.

    Every year without fail, you can count on two things: The first, is a moving Christmas advert from John Lewis, the retail store, that leaves you feeling fuzzy and warm inside.

    It’s here! This year’s Christmas ad, as launched by our Partners, featuring the wonderful @EltonOfficial 🌟🚀 #EltonJohnLewis 🎹

    This year’s advert, titled “The Boy and the Piano”, is based on the life and career of Elton John.

    The other is that John Lewis, a father-of-four from Blacksburg, Virginia, will intercept thousands of messages directed at the retail store in response.

    Time and time again, John Lewis has shown himself to be incredibly understanding and unfailingly polite.

    Well, finally, John Lewis has been given the Christmas advert he deserves courtesy of Twitter.

    Introducing the 2018 Twitter UK Christmas film, starring the unmistakable @JohnLewis.. #NotARetailStore

    Speaking on the ongoing case of mistaken identity that has seen him receive up to 50,000 tweets a year, John Lewis said: "I think it’s hilarious that people mistake me for the UK store and I do my best to direct them to the right place. I see a massive spike in tweets at this time of year and I always watch the John Lewis advert, especially as it becomes a huge part of my Twitter conversation. I find it absolutely fascinating that Twitter UK has chosen me to star in their Christmas film. Hopefully people will be kind about my acting skills, I am no Elton John but who knows, maybe I’ll get tweets about my own film this year."

    The Christmas advert features Lewis in his home over 3,000 miles away and makes subtle references to past adverts the British retailer has created.

    The campaign launches the hashtag #NotARetailStore, a nod to the biography on Lewis’s profile, and encourages viewers to join the online conversation, "even if it’s by mistake".

    And as expected, people love it.

    @TwitterUK @johnlewis What a delight!!!!

    @TwitterUK @johnlewis I think its time that @johnlewis got a verified account. The man is an xmas legend, year after year... his patient and witty replies are too good! #verifyJohn #notARetailStore

    @MaxTundra @TwitterUK @johnlewis okay this is outstanding. well played, @TwitterUK/@johnlewis!

    @TwitterUK @johnlewis I absolutely love this. He’s always kind and funny. I hope @jlandpartners are suitably grateful for all he does signposting them so graciously!

    @TwitterUK @johnlewis The legend has a better ad than the store. Good on you sir for having a near never-ending supply of patience and humour.

    @TwitterUK @johnlewis Fantastic. I’m a big fan of John and his much tested patience at this time of year 👏

    @TwitterUK Thank you TwitterUK and especially @johnlewis for teaching everybody that patience & a good sense of humour can go a long way 👏👏

    The advert even has the approval of the other John Lewis.

    Great to see the ever-patient @johnlewis finally get to star in his own Christmas ad! Loving the Monty cameo 🐧