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    Idris Elba Choking On Spicy Chicken Wings Has Become A Pretty Cheeky Meme

    "When you're enjoying your date and she asks about your girlfriend."

    So we're all very familiar with British actor Idris Elba, a person of many talents, including being the sexiest man alive and playing the bad guy in the last Fast and Furious movie, Hobbs & Shaw.

    He also makes eating hot wings look pretty cool.

    He recently appeared as a guest on Hot Ones, a YouTube series in which celebrity guests eat increasingly spicy chicken wings while being interviewed.

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    It's great content from which we learned some interesting things about the actor, and even better, it has gifted the internet with its latest meme.

    You have the "caught off guard" choking scenario.

    When you’re eating at a restaurant and she randomly asks “what are we?”

    when the dinner date is going great and he drop “so you talking to anyone else?”

    When you're enjoying your date and she asks about your girlfriend

    When you’re enjoying your Nando’s and the worker comes to ask you why you have Fanta in a water glass

    During the meal Jesus said, "I tell you, one of you will betray me” Judas:

    The "I've just been poisoned" choke.

    Joffrey Lannisters wedding, Game of Thrones Season 4:

    When the jerk starting to taste like poison and you hear her say “Tek Mi fi eediat”

    And can't forget the classic "This is bad food" choke.

    When y’all “elite milk” shorties cook for you

    When it’s chicken Alfredo again but you need a place to stay

    Eating your first school lunch when Michelle Obama took over in 2008


    When people actually eat Avocado & toast after uploading the pic to instagram

    Thanks for the laughs, Idris. Hope someone got you a glass of milk after that ordeal.