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    This Guy Gifted His Mum AirPods In The Most Extra Way Possible And It Was Super Cute

    "This is so wholesome."

    Meet Ghana Kelly and her son, Drew Kelly, a mother and son from Prince George's County, Maryland.

    Drew Kelly

    The pair gifted the internet with the cutest mother/son moment when Drew decided to present his mum with the most popular gift of the season for her birthday: AirPods.

    Giving my mom Airpids shouldn't have been this funny 😂

    Ghana, 49, told BuzzFeed News: "I am not a trendy tech person. With the phones and all of that, my son literally goes to the store to buy all my devices. I do keep earphones in my ears during the day while I'm at work. I listen to my music but I'm that person that pulls away from my earphones, and they always yank out of my ears. And that's a little painful.

    "So I had seen people with the AirPods but never knew the price of them because I had never done any research. And I was like, I may need to invest in a pair. But when I looked into them and saw how expensive they were, I was like, 'No, we're not getting those.' I'm very frugal."

    But Drew, 28, wasn't satisfied with a traditional gift bag or wrapping paper. No, Drew, being the super-creative individual that he is, decided to present his gift in the most extra way.


    Drew, 28, told BuzzFeed News: "I randomly found the box in a drawer in a newly acquired office. I remember one gift I made her [involved her doing] a scavenger hunt in her room. I'm always messing with her like that 'cause I get a kick out of it. If you remember the show Jackass, Bam Margera used to always prank his mother but the love was unconditional."

    And at the centre of it all was a pair of AirPods.


    "She originally asked for them but didn't know the price. When I told her she said, 'Oh hell no. Way too expensive,'" said Drew.

    The exchange between the two has gone viral, and neither of them can quite believe it.

    Drew Kelly

    Drew said: "Yes, I'm surprised, because I've posted her before plenty of times. She's my best friend. But the most maybe was 50 likes. This is upwards to 1 million views. She definitely can't believe it."

    Ghana also added: "First of all, I'm shocked. You hear all the time about videos going viral. You never think that it will happen to you and to see all the love, I think it was the heartfeltness, for me to see all these positive comments with all the craziness and all the negativity in the world — things like 'She made my day' or 'I love her giggle,' that just totally melts my heart. It reached my soul. Not that many things reach my soul."

    People love their relationship and how close they appear as mother and son.

    Drew Kelly

    Ghana said: "I like the fact that some people recognise my son because he is an amazing kid. And not all mothers and sons have these amazing relationships or the relationship like I have with my son. So I think that was the main thing for me to see people acknowledge our relationship. It wasn't even really about me or about the AirPods — it was about the fact that I have this amazing kid who did an amazing thing for his mom."

    People especially love Ghana.


    Speaking about his mum's internet fame, Drew said: "She's naturally full of character. She can't fake that at all. The video was like a movie. Had a little bit of everything — suspense, comedy, she almost cried. I think there was an instant connection there."

    And people online couldn't agree more.

    @ifiwasperfect This is so wholesome.

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    @ifiwasperfect @cooldaddykhai Your mom so darn adorable. Her little wiggle makes my heart happy, it reminds me of my beautiful momma who passed away a few months ago. You are a great son. Thank you for sharing this.