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    This Woman's Boyfriend Proposed To Her In Front Of Captain America And People Love The Range Of Facial Expressions

    "Guys, get it right. He's proposing to Chris."

    Meet Travis Goodrich and Drema Harmon, a couple from Tucson, Arizona, who became an item in 2015 after meeting at a mutual friend's bonfire.

    Did I mention that the pair are also massive Captain America fans? Because that really matters and adds context to this tale.

    So when it came time to take their relationship to the next level, Goodrich drew inspiration directly from their love of the Marvel hero and planned for what is now a viral proposal.

    That's right: Goodrich made arrangements to pop the big question at ACE Comic Con in Seattle, and with the help of event organisers, a photographer, and a VIP guest of honour, the special moment was a collective effort.

    Oblivious to what was going on, Harmon said that she was surprised to find out that Goodrich had arranged a photo op with none other than the actor who plays Captain America himself, Chris Evans.

    In the presence of Evans and on bended knee, 25-year-old Goodrich, dressed as the Captain, asked Harmon, dressed as Carter, to marry him, and the moment was quite something.

    Harmon said that the actor appeared to be "surprised" as well as "exhausted", considering it was the second day of comic con.

    Another user has shared the moment on Twitter, and it has received a lot of attention.


    Fans familiar with the character immediately spotted the small details, including a compass intended to be a replica of the one owned by Captain America, which holds a picture of Agent Carter inside the lid.

    Okay but I JUST realized that she’s also dressed like Peggy and the compass that cap keep her photo in is where he hid the ring 😩😭

    And there were other things to talk about.

    There’s a lot going on here but the thing that always gets me is....imagine being a person where people ( least one half of this couple) just want to get engaged in your PRESENCE, what a weird life

    Some people felt that the proposal undermined the moment when Harmon met Evans.

    i'm sorry i mean congrats to them but her face literally screams "I JUST WANTED A PIC WITH CHRIS EVANS COULDN'T THIS WAIT"

    To which the couple responded: "We're a lighthearted couple and find comedy in most things. We were honestly laughing at the memes. Kudos to the creativity. Personally, we don't take the comments as undermining but as memes to be enjoyed." They both agreed that neither of them would change a thing about the proposal.


    my future boyfriend better not purpose in front of chris fucking evans cos I will say no

    And there have been a lot of jokes that the couple have generally just laughed at, they said.

    imagine having a magical moment with your soulmate, the love of your life, the moment you’ll tell your kids over and over again. only to be ruined by some guy proposing you smh 🙁😒

    my bf: Will you marry me me: (nervously sweating) i mean... uhm so chris if you'd like to intervene.... Nows the time!! haha...

    Imagine your boyfriend proposing to you in front of the love of your life? I would be sick

    People even joked that the proposal was actually intended for Evans.

    Are we sure he wasnt proposing to Chris? 🤔

    guys get it right he’s PROPOSING TO CHRIS

    After unintentionally going viral, the couple say they haven't set a date for the wedding just yet, but when they do, "all of the Avengers cast are more than welcome to come celebrate with us — especially Chris Evans".

    Wedding planners, assemble!