An Art Student Created An Epic Billie Eilish Vinyl Sleeve Inspired By One Of Her Music Videos And The Talent Jumped Out

    "I know the internet has beaten this phrase into the ground but this is truly SO pleasing to me aesthetically."

    Meet Shérine, a 23-year-old visual art student living and studying in Paris who has gone viral for her creative interpretation of a Billie Eilish album sleeve.

    For her design class, Shérine created a mock sleeve where inserting a vinyl would create the illusion of tears falling down Billie's face.

    I designed a fake Billie Eilish vinyl for class! The tears fill up when you put the vinyl back in its sleeve 🥰🖤

    She told BuzzFeed News: "Basically we could vote for the subject we wanted to work on and I asked if we could work on album design, my classmates agreed and so we did. I had done very bubbly and colourful work prior to that and I wanted to show I wasn't a one-trick pony, so I thought of an artist I liked that made kind of dark music and obviously Billie came to mind.

    "I started looking up the different visuals for everything Billie had done and I came across the 'When the Party's Over' music video and decided to go from there.”

    On her creation, Shérine explained that she was inspired to play with "negative space".

    not as cool without the negative space but: here are the visuals, including the digital painting i did that took me freaking HOURS

    She said: "I'm really into the idea of negative space, so I really wanted to study it further and incorporate that into my visual, and I wanted it to be a little interactive without being too intricate or complicated.

    "I thought of that one scene in the music video where the black tears just start pouring out of her eyes and then it was pretty clear I wanted to do something like that."

    If for whatever reason the concept makes no sense to you, then you might want to give Billie's "When the Party's Over" music video a watch. In it, the singer drinks a dark, thick liquid which then comes pouring out of her eyes, to make for a stream of tears. It's all very artistic.

    In an interview with NME the Grammy Award–winning teen shared that the video for the single was her concept based off of a drawing given to her by a fan.

    She said: “I remember standing there, looking at this drawing of me, and my eyes were black and there was black ink dripping from my eyes, and I just stared at it and I feel like I got star-struck by this image, this drawing of me.”

    People online have been very impressed with the simplicity and creativity of Shérine's project, which she revealed was created using an iPad for the digital painting, Adobe Illustrator for the typography, and then "tons of glue sticks and an Xacto knife."

    For the young artist, her hope is that the viral attention will help her secure a graphic design internship opportunity.

    btw (might as well shoot my shot) i'm looking for an internship in graphic design in paris! if you are (or know) someone who can help, hit me up!

    The entire thing is, indeed, aesthetically pleasing.

    i know the internet has beaten this phrase into the ground but this is truly SO pleasing to me aesthetically

    People absolutely love it.

    The detail, the effort. THE FLAVOR. We fucking love it 🤧❤️

    Some people are just extra talented and some people are Mandy.

    You people are so talented and I can barely get out of bed in the morning with out fucking something up

    the talent jumped out

    It manages to be both simple and impressive.

    It’s the simplest ideas that are the most effective...somebody give this person a career break

    And some people are ready to make a purchase.

    If this isn’t the most purest piece I’ve ever seen. I’ll buy 150 pls