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    10 Unofficial Disney Princesses, Ranked

    From Kida to Elena!

    10. Elena of Avalor

    Disney Channel

    Elena is from Elena of Avalor. I feel like she should have a movie with a theatrical release to be higher on the list, but she's inspirational and a true beauty.

    9. Princess Leia

    Disney/ Lucasfilm

    We don’t think of Disney when we think of her, and we don’t think of her when we think of Disney. She fits more into Lucasfilm, and some may prefer her as a cool space warrior, not a princess.

    8. Jane Porter


    Jane has all the qualities of a princess, but she’s not ever announced as royalty, even though Tarzan may end up as king of the gorillas. She’s casual, and not very princess-like. We’d love to see her as an official princess.

    7. Melody

    Any Palser

    She qualifies as royal since she’s Ariel’s daughter. She’s from The Little Mermaid sequel—making her less known—and she takes a bit of naivety from her mother, but we love her.

    6. Ting Ting, Su, and Mei


    Everyone who has seen the direct-to-video sequel to Mulan has got to admit they liked these three characters. They're kind people with fantastic outfits and hair.

    5. Anastasia

    20th Century Fox

    It’s true that 20th Century Fox made this movie, but Disney now owns Fox! This makes her just as “Disney” as Leia! Still, she's awesome and adventurous.

    4. Megara


    If you’re a Disney fan, you know all about Hercules. With Meg being so popular, we have to make her official! She's sassy and helped to save the world.

    3. Eilonwy


    She’s already the first princess from Disney to be in a rated PG movie, even though she’s not official. She has the perfect personality, and she's well-liked.

    2. Giselle


    Giselle is the Enchanted princess that's both animation and live-action! She’s honest, kind, and anyone would want her as a friend.

    1. Kida


    Kida makes it to the top on this list. She’s the daughter of the King of Atlantis, and rules the most sought out, mythical hidden city in the world. She gave eternal life to people after they betrayed her. That’s what you call forgiveness!