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The 10 Times You Fell In Love With Neal Caffrey From White Collar

Because we are still 1000% in denial that there's only one week left of Neal Caffrey AKA Matt Bomer in our lives. #bomerfever

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1. That time he helped his student get the girl.


He impersonated a teacher at an ivy wannabe high school and noticed one of his students was crushing hard on a girl. Naturally, he stepped in and showed him the way.

7. That time he built a sand castle sculpture of the NYC skyline for Maya.


During his brief stint in Cape Verde, Neal of course meets a girl, Maya. Maya knowing a thing or two about rich men suddenly appearing on her island asked Neal for a moment of honesty. Instead he built her something special about his past. Needless to say, he got the girl.

8. That time he couldn't say goodbye to Peter.

Peter: You said goodbye to everyone but me. Why?
Neal: I don't know.
Peter: Yeah you do, tell me.
Neal: I don't know, Peter. You know why.
Peter: Tell me.
Neal: Cause you are the only one who can change my mind.


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