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Donald Trump's Impeachment, Explained For Non-Americans

Why is the US president being impeached, and who are all these new people?!

Mark Di Stefano One day ago

Trump Needs Republicans As The Impeachment Inquiry Continues, But They’re Furious About Syria

Even some of Trump’s closest Republican allies are infuriated over his decision to withdraw US troops from Syria, though they say there’s little they can do.

Addy Baird 2 days ago

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Will Endorse Bernie Sanders For President

Rep. Ilhan Omar also endorsed Sanders just after news broke that Ocasio-Cortez would officially back Sanders at his rally in Queens on Saturday.

Addy Baird 3 days ago

Two Top Democrats Have Already “Botched” Impeachment, Their Primary Challengers Say

“He’s basically avoided doing everything he can to hold this president accountable."

Kadia Goba 19 days ago

Some Democrats Are Skipping Their Two-Week Vacation To Keep Working On Impeachment

The chairs of three House committees have already subpoenaed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for documents and have begun scheduling depositions.

Addy Baird 22 days ago
Addy Baird 23 days ago

Progressive Groups Are Urging Democratic Leaders Not To Take A Vacation Until The President’s Impeached

In a letter to Democratic leaders, two progressive groups said they “respectfully demand that House leadership cancel [its upcoming break] and immediately get to work impeaching this lawless president.”

Addy Baird 24 days ago

Democrats Say Trump’s Ukraine Call Was “Far More Damning” Than They Expected

Trump’s explicit request that the Ukrainian president help dig up dirt on Joe Biden is “exactly the crime that we were concerned about,” one House Democratic leader said.

Addy Baird 24 days ago

The Ukraine Story Is A Much Easier Sell Than The Mueller Report Ever Was, Pro-Impeachment Democrats Say

“He's just coming out and saying, ‘Yeah, I did it, and yeah, my office held up the money.’"

Addy Baird 24 days ago

Nancy Pelosi Announced A Formal Impeachment Investigation Into President Donald Trump

The House speaker’s announcement comes amid reports that Trump withheld aid money from Ukraine while pushing the country for dirt on Joe Biden.

Addy Baird 25 days ago

Nancy Pelosi’s Impeachment Dam Is Breaking

As the story of President Trump’s interactions with Ukraine continues to unravel, moderate Democrats and impeachment holdouts are changing their tune.

Addy Baird 25 days ago

He Became Mayor At Just 22. Now He’s Running To Take Down A 70-Year-Old House Democrat.

Democrat Alex Morse — an openly gay mayor who has backed legal weed and decriminalizing sex work — is challenging longtime Rep. Richard Neal in Massachusetts.

Addy Baird One month ago

A Major Progressive Group That Backed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Endorsing Another Young Woman Trying To Take Down A Top Democrat

Brand New Congress is endorsing Mckayla Wilkes, the 29-year-old progressive challenging House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer in 2020.

Addy Baird One month ago

Their Daughter Was Killed In Aurora. Now They Say The Anti–Gun Violence Movement Has Left Them Behind.

“Here’s the deal: We really don’t have a true grassroots gun violence prevention movement in this country,” said Lonnie Phillips, whose daughter, Jessi, was killed in the 2012 movie theater mass shooting.

Addy Baird 2 months ago

The Victims Of The Dayton Mass Shooting Include The Gunman’s Brother And 8 Others

The dead include the brother of the shooter, a man who celebrated his 30th birthday last week, and a young mother whose youngest was born just last month.

Amber Jamieson 2 months ago

Progressive Groups Plan To Make House Democrats’ Summer Vacation All About Impeachment

“Anyone who says their constituents don’t care about this issue isn’t listening.”

Addy Baird 2 months ago

House Democrats Have Already Started An Impeachment Inquiry Whether They Want To Admit It Or Not

Judiciary Committee chair Jerry Nadler dodged questions about his personal support for impeachment, even as he’s laying the groundwork for an inquiry.

Addy Baird 2 months ago

“A Bit Of A Dud” — Some Democrats Said The Mueller Hearings Didn’t Live Up To Expectations

“Frankly, our Democratic majority has pinned a lot on Mueller and his report … In retrospect, we made some tactical mistakes.”

Addy Baird 2 months ago

The House Voted To Condemn The Boycott Israel Movement Over Protests From Reps. Ilhan Omar And Rashida Tlaib

The measure to formally condemn the BDS movement passed the House overwhelmingly Tuesday night. "Dissent is how we nurture democracy," Tlaib said.

Kadia Goba 2 months ago

Progressives Won The Minimum Wage Fight — Now They Think They Can Do It Again With Health Care And The Green New Deal

“Many movements have to walk through a little bit of ridicule and laughter before they can shift to people thinking, Oh, they were right.

Addy Baird 3 months ago