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11 Reasons To Be Super Proud Of Yourself Today

There are def way more than this, but there are only so many hours in the day! Speaking of feeling fab, head over to Addition Elle and check out their collection of fun, trendy, gorgeous clothing.

1. You exist.

2. You showed up to class on time with an iced coffee.

3. Your clothes look incredible.

4. A man in the street told you to smile, and you only thought about telling him off.

5. Your stretch marks look like freakin' tiger stripes, and it's awesome.

6. You accessorized without forgetting what you were wearing while trying to accessorize.

7. Your eyebrows are sisters today, not distantly related cousins.

8. But your eyeliner wings are twins.

9. You found a bra that is both comfy and fits you.

10. Someone younger than you had a moderate success, and it made you happy.

11. You didn’t wash your hair and got a compliment.

But you know what? Even if you didn't do any of these things today, you are still RAD. AS. HECK. Congratulations on being the best, you glorious goddess, you.

Look as great as you are every day with fabulous outfits from Addition Elle!

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