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11 Things To Do With Your Leftover Halloween Candy

A brief list of ideas to help get rid of that extra Halloween candy...without scarfing it all down yourself.

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1) Give it to the homeless

There's always someone around that might want that candy a little more than you.

2) Take it to the old folks home

The elderly that live in the old folks homes are always delighted with visitors, why not bring them some sweets too?

3) Give it to the neighborhood kids

Kid's love candy! Hook them up!

4) Give the candy to your teacher

Struggling in a class? Show up to your teachers house and offer candy for a better grade!

5) Throw the candy at your teacher

If you went all the way to your teachers house with candy and he didn't give you a better grade.... throw it and run.

6) Give the candy to your friends

Worried about swimsuit season?Just feed your friends the leftover candy and you don't have to worry about working out.

7) Wrap candy around your Christmas tree

Candy lights up every occasion!

8) Have a candy eating contest with your friends

Nothing displays dominance more than the one that can eat the most candy.

9) Roam the Children's hospital with that special fuel

Kids LOVE candy. Go make someone's day

10) Throw it away

You don't need those extra calories, throw that crap out!

11) Eat it.

Don't know what else to do with it? Just eat it. Sugar is good for the soul.

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