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The People Have Spoken

Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States.

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I hate where I'm at, they thought, and I hate that I don't have a good-paying job. I hate that the factory closed down. I hate that I have to see people fearing for their lives. I hate that the factories and jobs all went overseas, they thought. I hate that someone is coming here and taking jobs away from me, jobs that I'd never touch with a thirty-foot pole, but not only are they taking the jobs away from me but they are taking it with lesser pay, and they think that they're American, they thought, well, they're not. I think they're not American, they thought.

Then he said we'll build a wall. We'll build a big, grand, magnificent wall to keep all others out, those others who took those factory jobs away, those who come here into this country and take your jobs away, those who keep you afraid at night because they're coming to get you – all of you – all of them, they are all coming to get you, and so that's why we're building a wall, he said. Not only that, he said, we'll build this wall, and they will pay for it. That's right. We will build it on their dime. That'll teach them, that'll show them, he said. That'll impress them, that'll scare them, he thought.

The people wondered. This man, they thought, he says exactly what I am thinking. This man knows more than me, they thought, and he can help me, us, my family, my community. This man can be our leader because he is bold, they thought, and he has my interests in mind. He knows that I'm alone. He knows that I have no money. He knows that I am suffering. But he even knows more than that. He knows that they – the other people – will pay for it. He knows that they are lesser than we are. They look different. They act different. They are scary. He knows that I've been scared for fifteen years for another attack, another setback in our nation's push forward.

Then he said we'll have a ban. We'll have a nationwide, all-encompassing ban for those who look different and act different and believe different things because, why not, he said, they are different. He said, perhaps they are the cause of your pain. He said, perhaps you won't be scared anymore. He said, I saw them cheering in Jersey City. I saw them, believe me, trust me, I did. The news is wrong, they didn't see. But I saw. They're all wrong. You'll get your jobs, you'll get your money, you'll get what we had before when America was great. Now it's not. The only way to make it great is to listen to me.

The people cheered. Yes, they said, yes. This man, they said, is what we need: we who are here, we who are frightened, we who are scared, we who are silent. We are going to meet this man, they said, at an event, at a stadium, at a rally. We will cheer for whatever he says in however manner he says it. He knows that we matter here, in fact, he assures us that we matter more than those outside our borders, outside our states, outside our town. When these smug wealthy celebrities on the TV make fun of him, they make fun of me. America isn't great because America doesn't even like Americans. America doesn't like me. They used to. They will again.

He stood with his all-knowingness at the pulpit. There were different signs that said random cities and states that no one on the coasts had ever heard of. He rallied the crowds. He marshaled their pains, their fears, their frustrations and he channeled them into action. He mocked others, he screamed profanity, he pushed the envelope. Blame the media, he screeched. Even though they are the ones who flung me into stardom many years ago, he thought. Repeat after me, he said: throw him out, lock her up, vote me in.

But one thing I hate more than anything or everything that he hates, they said, is her. I hate her. So many people are with her. So many rich people are with her. So many smug people are with her. I'm not with her. She doesn't know who I am. She stands there with her long words that no one can define. How can people elect her? Her experience only made things worse. She is the problem with government. She is the center of the issues. She will cause us problems with her carelessness, with her evil smile. She's crooked after all. She looks weird. She talks weird. She's weird. Maybe it should be a man.

He will get our jobs back. He will be the tough guy we need. He will say it like it is. He will say the things I say. He's a bargain. He will do the things to help our nation be great again. He will bid for a wall. He will protect us from the ones who look different. He will get this country back on track. He will stick it to Washington. He will heal our sting, our hurt. He will help us. He will save us. Just watch.



And so it begins.
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And so it begins.

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