• elephant26

      When I got my first period I didn’t get my next one for a year, granted I have very irregular periods but like the other commenter said its takes a little while for it to regulate and you will start to learn when it’s coming, you might feel tender breasts, you might notice some discharge on your undies, some cramps out of nowhere are a big sign for me, or some acne popping up. I’ve been having mine for 12 years now, I got it when I was 13 and I’m 25 now and you will get used to it. I was a paranoid kid so I always carried spare panties, pantyliniers, and pads/tampons in my backpack incase I started at school and if any of my friends needed something I always had their back.

    • elephant26

      Thank you nurses! I got diagnosed with a chronic illness when I was 10, and for the first year after diagnosis I was fighting for my life. I was bleeding to death in my intestines and thanks to the nurses who kept my spirits up I survived that first year. There were many more hospitalizations until even last year and over 20 surgeries and I have had some amazing nurses that have changed my life and a few that should obviously pick a new profession because they were personally offended when I would ask for anything but the great ones are what pushed me to live when I wasn’t sure I could. One nurse saved my life when my doctor didn’t notice that I was bleeding internally, I had surgery earlier in the day and by this time in the night I should have been making urine no problem so my nurse checks my catheter bag and noticed the few small drops of urine were bloody, I was immediately rushed to icu given five pints of blood and then into surgery, this was the first time I went into surgery scared I might not come out, because the doctors and nurses were praying, and they looked scared. The surgeon nicked my liver when he was operating on my intestines earlier and I would have died if it had gone unnoticed any longer. Sorry for the long story but I just had to share, in my opinion nurses are HEROES! I have the utmost respect for them! I would like to be one of my health would let me.

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