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17 Signs You Go To The Goizueta Business School

I swear I spelt it right, spellcheck...

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1. When you first got accepted you weren't sure how to pronounce it

Now when someone can't pronounce it you get offended. It's goy + sweata (like sweater but if you were from Long Island).

11. You still get confused when you have to bid on classes

Is 30 out of 60 bid points enough to get me into the 1:00 Corporate Finance class with Clifton Green? ....

... The answer is no.

14. You know how to work in a team

From creating killer presentations to organizing schedules you know what it takes to beat the curve for the group project that is worth 60% of your final grade.

17. Once you graduate you feel super confident in taking on the world!

Thanks to B law, strategic, negotiations, corporate finance and the hundreds of group projects you did you are ready for whatever career lies ahead!

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