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17 Signs You Go To The Goizueta Business School

I swear I spelt it right, spellcheck...

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1. When you first got accepted you weren't sure how to pronounce it

Now when someone can't pronounce it you get offended. It's goy + sweata (like sweater but if you were from Long Island).

2. The best part of the BBA retreat was receiving your padfolio

You look so professional now!

3. You are best friends with the CMC employees

You would be lost and jobless without them

4. You have a hate relationship with your quarantine summary

Wait... what do you mean you emailed me a job offer... WHY DID IT GO TO SPAM?!?

5. You know better than to sleep in on Tuesdays

Two words. Free. Bagels.

6. You brag about Kegs

You mean you don't get free beer from your school?!

7. You are on a first name basis with at least one of your teachers

Even if the curve wasn't in your favor

8. You have your sights set on your dream internship/career

9. Your life changed the day Highland Bakery opened

Bye bye burnt bagels from Einstein's

10. When you walk through campus you feel lost

Wait who are these people? Where is Emerson Hall? Do I even go to this school?

11. You still get confused when you have to bid on classes

Is 30 out of 60 bid points enough to get me into the 1:00 Corporate Finance class with Clifton Green? ....

... The answer is no.

12. You skied your way through PE credits

And it was much more enjoyable than stalking OPUS to end up with an 8:30 social dance class

13. If you HAVE to go to the library you head straight for the bschool libs

Because it has free candy and tables built for group projects!

14. You know how to work in a team

From creating killer presentations to organizing schedules you know what it takes to beat the curve for the group project that is worth 60% of your final grade.

15. You would do anything for a Fishburne parking pass

How is Michael's Street even an option?!?

16. You love that almost all of your classes are in one building

It is wonderful not having to go from math and science to the bio building in the middle of winter

17. Once you graduate you feel super confident in taking on the world!

Thanks to B law, strategic, negotiations, corporate finance and the hundreds of group projects you did you are ready for whatever career lies ahead!

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