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    • adamy5

      #2 is just a joke that someone put on a urinal… Those stickers aren’t on things in Canada. Maybe on one, and then when some ‘merican saw it, the joke went way way over their head. #19 is ludicrous too. Yeah, there’s places where wildlife will come out, unafraid of people, or cars… but maybe in Banff or someplace in Northern BC… most people go years and years without seeing animals like that near a road. #10 Mounties… Ahh nice picture of some members of the RCMP in their traditional/ceremonial dress. Except you only see the mounted police with horses and red coats in a parade, or other official public ceremony. The rest of the time, they drive their Crown Victorias with blue uniforms, and utility belts with cuffs and guns etc…. just like any other cop you’d see in the developed world. I’ve seen polar bears in zoos. If I wanted to see a wild polar bear, i would have to drive about five days straight from the west coast to central Canada, and north to Hudson’s Bay.

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