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19 Signs You're From Portland

But you already know the answer, don't you?

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1. Your out-of-town friend says they want to go to Voodoo Doughnuts and you're able to list half a dozen places to get better doughnuts without a line around the block.

2. To you, the seasons are Raining, Raining, Still Raining, and Construction.

3. But that's fine, because the rain doesn't phase you anymore. You've learned to keep your head down and deal with being wet 24/7.

4. When your friends in California complain about drizzly weather, it's all you can do not to smack them into next week.

5. Still, when there's a day of uninterrupted sun in Portland, it's almost too beautiful to handle.

6. And on the rare occasion there's a whole WEEKEND of sun? Time to lose your mind.

7. Your friend has a baby shower and she's registered at Columbia Sportswear.

8. When tourists ask you where to find that cool grilled cheese food truck they read about, you ask them to specify which one.

9. Your favorite bookstore has sections like "Speculative Lesbian Science Fiction" and "Beginner Witchcraft For Special Needs Pets."

10. You hear someone say they love coffee, but they're holding a Starbucks cup instead of one from Stumptown.

11. You know people who never seem to be working in the middle of the day, yet strangely never have money problems.

12. You just laugh when someone asks if you know of any available jobs in Portland.

13. You brace yourself for the yearly herd of fresh-faced, wide-eyed college grads migrating into Portland.

14. ...but you know 90% of them won't make it a year before running out of money.

15. You can't wrap your brain around why there aren't any organic, vegetarian options at the company barbecue.

16. You don't really know how to fill up your car with gas, because every gas station is full service.

17. People ask you if your town is really like they say it is on Portlandia, and you're like, "Oh, yeah, sure it is."

18. ...but secretly, you know it's all true.

19. You know there's no place quite as beautiful as Portland, Oregon.

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