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10 Incredible True Facts About Adam Scott, According To Adam Scott

The Parks and Recreation star, whose latest attempt at making The Greatest Event In Television History airs Thursday at midnight on Adult Swim, opens up to BuzzFeed.

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3. I prefer to use highlighter to sign documents.

Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images

I came up with this genius idea to prevent someone from stealing my identity. Unfortunately my pockets are full of highlighters so I keep losing my wallet.

4. I firmly believe that if every mountain in the world had a giant zipper attached to it, we as a people would think about both mountains and zippers in a completely different way.

7. I eat dinner for breakfast, breakfast for lunch, and lunch for dinner.


Snacks are a Thanksgiving feast. Except on Mondays when all meals are lunch, except lunch, which is a snack (Thanksgiving feast). Mondays!

9. To calm down and clear my head...

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

I like to drive around L.A. on a hot summer day with all the windows rolled up, the heater on, listening to radio static full blast.

10. With every movie I watch, I pretend it's the sequel to a better, more interesting movie from three years ago.

The Greatest Event in Television History airs Thursday at midnight on Adult Swim, and will be followed by a special announcement.


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