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    • adams69

      TL;DR = Emotional appeals to get support for a Syria campaign is terrible because it will become a hellhole if we don’t openly discuss/plan for the post-Assad regime.  Something about this smacks of propaganda. Posting pictures of children with no context is pretty shitty, Buzzfeed. You could honestly be posting pictures of Libya and most people viewing this wouldn’t know the difference. Who are these kids? What groups are they fighting with? What are their names? Where did you get these photos? I’m not saying they’re lies, I’m just saying that it’s trying to get people to support an action that will lead to thousands of people dying.  Posting all of these pro-intervention things is really dangerous when you’re talking about Syria because honestly, there’s no discussion about what happens after Assad. After the assault on Abu Ghraib, AQ Syria is now substantially stronger and those fighters are crack troops who know how to destabilize regimes and know how to beat Americans. If we get rid of Assad and haven’t come up with a clear plan on how to deal with the extremist elements in Syria, then you will be complicit in the deaths of so many more children and people as Syria collapses in on itself and tears itself apart like Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan have. You’re complicit because you’re not discussing policies, you’re trying to force peoples opinions by manipulating their emotions.

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