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Pittsburgh Pirates lose - WORST CALL BY UMPIRE in baseball history - Atlanta Braves get cheap win

One of the most irritating events in sports history. Pirates versus Braves, 19th inning, umpire Jerry Meals makes the worst call ever. Maybe the only worse call was Andres Galarraga losing his perfect game. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW. AND GET ENRAGED. YET ANOTHER REASON TO EXPAND INSTANT REPLAY. YOU SUCK BUD SELIG. Even if you are a Braves fan, you know this was just a travesty of a call. Atrocious. Why was he REALLY called safe?? Stunning_umpire_call_gives_atlanta_braves_win_in_extra_innings_over_pittsburg_pirates Did the umpire of someplace else to be? Did he have to go poo? Did he shart his pants?? He did leave the field quickly. Did he have to get to a hooker appointment? The loss was a costly one for the Pirates, searching for their first winning season in 19 years. The loss put the Pirates one game behind the first-place Cardinals. AWFUL. AND I'M NOT A PITTSBURGH PIRATES FAN. But the Somali Pirates are cool. GO HANG WITH THEM MEALS.

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