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Umm, Who Let These Idiots Into A Museum?

BuzzFeed BFF had a private tour, and let's just say a lot of emojis and memes were involved.

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WARNING: this post is long and ridiculous. No art was harmed in the process. Do not try this at The Met or they might throw you out.

Last week, 10 members of the BuzzFeed BFF team got invited to a private, early hours tour of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. They gave us 1 hour to run around before anyone else was there, doing whatever we wanted. The Met calls the tour #EmptyMet and hopefully we didn't cause too much trouble!

First, we ate yogurt & wore headbands on the Met steps. Because obviously.

We're at the @metmuseum, xoxo

SPOTTED: Huge Gossip Girl fans. You know you love us, XOXO.

Since we were ditching work anyway, we recreated one of the most famous days off.

Jesse Mclaren / BuzzFeed / Via Facebook: video.php

Remember the museum scene from Ferris Bueller's Day Off? Well, we lived it!

We saw ancient statues

Snapchat: @BuzzFeed / Via

We looked, but didn't touch. Mostly.

Some of the statues saw US... and were into it?

Some of them couldn't see us because their faces fell off.

Actually, that part was kinda horrifying.

But limbs or not, they were all beautiful. Great.

Hate these unrealistic body standards

Next, we checked out ancient Egypt.

Snapchat: @BuzzFeed / Via

We peeped a lot of cool statues and engravings. Some of them peeped us back.

Snapchat: @BuzzFeed / Via
Snapchat: @BuzzFeed / Via

The best way to learn is by asking questions.
Snapchat: @BuzzFeed / Via

Some people have a perfectly reasonable fear of mummies.


This Egyptian tomb was beautiful and tranquil in the early morning light.

Normally this room is crowded, so seeing it empty was an extra special experience.

By now, we were running out of time, so we had to hurry it up.

Snapchat: @BuzzFeed / Via

...and more butts


This guy

Adam J. Kurtz / BuzzFeed

Then it was onto the paintings!

Snapchat: @BuzzFeed / Via
Adam J. Kurtz / BuzzFeed

Can I please?

Snapchat: @BuzzFeed / Via


One of our writer's "second favorite" painting.

I guess second is still pretty good, right?

We asked even more important questions.

who wore it best??? #emptymet @metmuseum

"It's ok guys, Miguel and Frank are both great."

There were a LOT of florals.


We spent our last few moments up on the roof!

Those loose tiles aren't broken, they're part of an artist installation.

Take one more look at that million-dollar view...

(Okay, more like trillion-dollar, but who can count that high?)

The whole experience was truly magical!

Best. Day. Ever.

Someone Who Took The Photo For Us On Jesse's Phone / BuzzFeed

Thanks again to The Metropolitan Museum of Art for inviting us, and to Taylor Newby and Kimberly Drew from their social team for keeping us out of trouble. Don't forget to follow The Met on instagram and twitter!

Plus, you can follow BuzzFeed BFF for more from us on twitter, tumblr, and vine.

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