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    The 15 Most Anxiety-Inducing Tweets Of All Time

    You've been warned! Presented by BuzzFeed BFF.

    Few can handle actually following Anxiety Bot 9000, but for those who do, it's a phone-gripping, teeth-grinding experience.

    Can you handle it? Here are 15 of its most anxiety-inducing tweets.

    1. Oh dear god...

    2. Why are you doing this?

    3. Is this a joke?

    4. Is there a punchline here that I'm just missing?

    5. Seriously, what is wrong with you!?

    6. This is... the worst feeling...

    7. I can't handle this, I really can't.

    8. No. Just no.

    9. Actually, the repetition is kind of soothing?

    10. No, no, that's what they want you to think! You're losing it, man.

    11. You're on a beach. There's sunshine. People are replying to texts reasonably.

    12. Everything is calm and peaceful. Nothing can hurt you.

    13. The seashore is a clear blue. The waves land softy on the white beach.

    14. Two drinks sit beside you. One for you, and the other one also for you.

    15. Aaaarrrrrrggggghhhhhhhh this isn't working!!!!! STOP THIS MADNESS!!!!