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27 Reasons College Students Should Be Excited The NFL Season Is Here

College football is not the only thing students should be excited about

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1. It gets your mind away from the pain of the Sunday morning hangover

2. It’s a great reason to throw a day party

3. The light beer commercials remind you of the great times you had over the weekend

4. You can rep your home state

5. It gives you a reason to meet cute people who are also wearing your team’s gear

6. You can talk smack to people from states you despise

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7. Sunday is laundry day, so the end of each quarter marks when you go to the machine

8. You and your girlfriend/boyfriend found the same celebrity to admire, although for different reasons

9. It's the perfect reason to procrastinate

10. You can visit the local sports bar and eat some wings

11. You can yell at the television set instead of your roommates

12. There is the potential to beat your fraternity in fantasy football

13. The athletes remind you that you should head to the gym

14. No explanation needed

15. If the game goes into overtime, you’ll have an excuse for being late to chapter meeting

16. You can admire all the impressive suits during the pregame show

17. Any football game can be turned into a drinking game

18. Especially if your team loses

19. NFL Red Zone has so much action that no adderral is required

20. If your professor's favorite team wins, they’ll be in a good mood

21. Because it's AMERICAN football

22. No one judges you for getting pizza delivered

23. Instant replay reminds you about how amazing technology is today

24. Football is awesome!

25. And way better than soccer...

26. You can bond with total strangers

27. NFL season means school is starting! YEAH!!!

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