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10 Coworking Trends From The Pros

I spoke to experts in the world of coworking about what we should look out for this year

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Andrew Neel

I spoke to executives at leading co-working spaces from the around the country, to examine the most significant trends in the space. Here my takeaways and their thoughts on what to expect this year:

1) Major Divergence

“We're seeing a major divergence in the industry itself. Coworking offerings are really trending in three directions: small local/regional offerings (member managed); larger regional/multi-city models (professionally managed); larger national/global models (professionally managed). Larger players will saturate large/high density cities and will eventually need to move into tier 2 and 3 markets and will do so through acquisition.” - Greg Hilton - Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SOCO

2) Increased Specialization

“In order for brands old and new to differentiate themselves, we are seeing increased specialization in co-working concepts.” - Alex Kopicki, CEO of Kinglet

3) Larger Per-Company Headcounts

“Corporate demand has reached tipping point. They are "outsourcing" real estate with requirements for 50 - 100 people.” John Arenas, Founder and CEO of Serendipity Labs

4) More Collaboration Between Companies

“Some workspaces have taken it a step beyond ‘co-working’ and are now providing ‘collaborative workspaces’ for organizations that are all working toward a common goal, despite everyone having a different boss at the end of the day.” Chris Bowyer - Director of Building Operations of The Alliance Center

5) Focus on Amenitization

“I believe we are in the midst of an "amenitization" arms race where coworking spaces, to stay relevant, will continue to add services and programming to induce people to join and convince people to stay.” - David Gutstadt, Founder and CEO of Fitler Club

6) More Adult-Oriented Atmospheres

“I think the biggest trend in co-working is providing a more adult atmosphere. The market is demanding a need to look beyond traditional coworking options to conduct business. As millennials start to get older and the oldest entering their mid/late 30s the need to find companies presenting a different offering will be crucial.” - Raegan Rivers, Founder of Porti-co International

7) Rise of Luxury Coworking Spaces

“Originally designed for freelancers and few-person startups needing an easy and affordable workplace, coworking spaces are expanding in the marketplace targeting upscale professionals and larger, more established companies. In 2018, we'll see a significant increase in the market demand for luxury coworking spaces designed for these upscale professionals such as remote/satellite workers from Fortune 500 companies, attorneys and venture capitalists.” - Justin Bayne, Co Founder and Chief Development Officer of Firmspace

8) Wellness Integration

“Wellness integration in the workplace [such as] onsite studio hosting yoga, meditation, and bootcamp, showers, lockers room, onsite healthy food/juice/coffee cafe. Wellness is no longer a "trend." It is becoming essential to people's lives if they aspire to be productive, focused and most effective.” Lisa Skye Hain, CEO and Co-Founder of Primary

9) New Hybrid Coworking Models

“We’re seeing coworking begin to bleed into other realms, with hybrid models that combine shared workspaces with hotels, restaurants, wine bars and social clubs – or the other way around. Why? The entrepreneurial life isn’t confined to the hours of 9 to 5.” - Don Ball, Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of COCO Coworking

10) Emergence of Co-Working On Campus

“Coworking spaces have taken off on college campuses around the nation. They are great facilitators of meaningful collaborations between individuals with highly diverse skillsets.” - Eric Liguori, Executive Director of CoWork Rowan

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