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Nov 2019
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    adamgregory commented on What's Something You Wish You'd Learned About Sex A Whole Lot Sooner?

    That sometimes getting/staying hard is “harder” than you would think! Even when sober there are times that it just isn’t happening. On tv they make it seem like dudes are ready and able to jump in at a moments notice. Sometimes we also aren’t in the mood and it’s not going to work.… 

    6 months ago

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    adamgregory commented on Which TV Death Was So Awful, It Ruined The Whole Show?

    Jenn from Dawsons Creek. I know it was the series finale, but it wrecked me in a way that I will never forget. I spent my all my middle school and high years watching these people and the last show ever they killed my favorite character! I am tearing up now thinking about it!

    8 months ago

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    adamgregory commented on 15 "Sex And The City" Moments That Aged Very, Very Poorly

    The show was groundbreaking for its time! You can’t push the limits and also be culturally competent 20 years later. Does it hold up? No. But it did a lot for female empowerment and female sexuality for its time.

    9 months ago

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    adamgregory commented on What Popular Old Hollywood Movies Are Actually Pretty Bad?

    Citizen Kane! I get that it was an innovative way of shooting a film for the time, but the story itself is so overrated! I am a huge film buff and have watched to several times trying to find the reason it is frequently called one of the best (if not the best) movie/s of all time.… 

    1 year ago

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