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Best 'Meat And Potatoes' Dishes From Around The World

One of the best parts about traveling to a new city is trying the new cuisine – no surprise there. But sometimes finding that iconic meal from a particular city can be challenging. Everyone’s got their own recommendation on what to eat and where to find it. But that’s part of the charm of being a “culinary tourist.” Below are some of my favorite local dishes from 14 different cities from around the world, collected in partnership with Read the full guide here.

travelsofadam • 3 years ago

This Video Proves That Nonna Knows Best

Bet you never thought your Grandma would help you land your dream girl...

travelsofadam • 4 years ago

Celebrating Gay Pride In Athens, Greece

Photos from the 2015 Athens Pride festival where politicians, tourists and locals came together to "take a stand" for LGBT equality in Athens

travelsofadam • 4 years ago

Paris In 15 Beautiful Instagram Photos

Is there any city more Instagrammable than Paris? It seems the city of lights and love is also one of picturesque beauty - perfect for the best vacation photos on Instagram.

travelsofadam • 5 years ago

12 Foods You Have To Eat In Europe

Europe is tastier than you think. Make sure you try each of these foods on your Eurotrip. You won't want to miss these unofficial national dishes of each European country!

travelsofadam • 5 years ago